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Mark Hamilton and his writings have allowed me to free my mind and think for myself. Since reading the first book, I have been able to get the inner working begun on several of my own world-changing projects. I could never have the skills or the self confidence to even think about beginning the necessary steps to my own personal freedom if I have not been introduced to such people or ideas. I am very thankful for that and cannot wait until all my works and efforts come to fruition it is defiantly time consuming, and coming together slowly, but, much faster than if I had no previous knowledge of how to even begin. Thank you again, I have seen the Neothink world, for years before it was ever painted by Mark Hamilton, and I just cant wait to go “home”! I have pouring myself into so many projects it is unbelievable. I run three businesses on top of raising two children full time, I am their teacher, their friend, their boss and their mentor. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding at the end of the day when I can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Thank you again for this opportunity to be a free, and happy, healthy person


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