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Recently a realtor was sharing an experience with me after returning from an assignment. He shared that while out taking photos of a foreclosed home, a gentleman from next door approached him with regards getting some information about buying a home in this market. The ironic thing about this situation however was the strange odor that surrounded this man. The neighbor smelt as if he was smoking; not the ordinary cigarettes but a drug or substance of some sort.
After hearing about this experience, I immediately recalled another sharing that I had from a co-worker. She had moved out of her parent’s home when she was twenty one years old and moved into a neighborhood where her father grew up. Her father however, who felt that she left home too soon, often offered to give her a ride home from work so that he could spend some time with her. On the way home she told that her father while driving would point out to her the different places where he spent his time while growing up. One of the places that he indicated to her was a little shop in the neighborhood where he frequented to buy ‘drugs’.
When I first heard that story, I was in awe. It was challenging for me to accept the fact that drugs were so readily available or that a father would proudly share with his daughter that he indulged in it.
In contrast it is so refreshing to think about a time to come when we would live in a world free of illegalities and abnormalities that are dealt with by simply sweeping them under the carpet or by turning a blind eye. A time when we can have a government that we can depend on to enforce protection laws. A time when a government such as the one that the Twelve Vision Party (TVP) can bring about, will place human rights at its helm. A time when a government party such as the TVP would have what it takes to deal with law breakers, crimes and to enforce protection laws to make for a better nation and for a better world.
Just be!


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