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My name is Patricia. I was contacted by mail by Neothink in May 2007.I found it to be an interesting letter but had my doubts about it being another scam ( which we have a lot of and have had all of my life). However, I always hoped for the best, so I pursued the correspondence. I received many long letters and eventually had to purchase a large book to continue. Having nothing better to do and disliking every thing that was going on around me. It gave me a relief from all of the abuse (children being stolen, molested and even killed, Same with animals. Women being beaten by spouses. People losing jobs, homes, families, etc. The book gave me some hope of a better life for my family and friends and everyone. I was very socially religious. Definitely believed in God the father, God the son and the holy spirit and heaven help anyone who tried to change my mind. As the years went on what really caught my attention was the priest in the catholic churches molesting young boys and getting away with it and the church doing nothing about it until the public was informed and started screaming for justice. I thought why wasn’t God doing anything! Justice system is also something else. I wanted to change “Hall of Justice” to “Hall of Money” as they seemed to have it made unless the public caught wind on an injustice then there was a 50-50 chance that it would go the right way. As I grew up I was always told to not get caught up in the system (our government) as they could ruin my life. I heard the expression not too many years ago, Did God make man or did man make God. Well, as time went by I learned the reason for that. Jesus is our very first Neothink man. He had so much to tell everyone and put it into words that the people of the time could understand. Our rotten people could not understand and felt threatened by the wonders Jesus did preformed that they torched and crucified him on the cross and made up a lot of garbage in the bible to keep the people feeling subdued and guilty. People are born in sin. What garbage that is! If you do something against a man-made law you have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. That is terrible to shove down a persons throat and make me very upset. The more I read about neo-think the better I felt about myself and there is nobody in this world going to change my mind about what our future holds in store for us with the Twelve Visions World. This is going to be a tough fight as even Jesus didn’t win at the time. But I do believe with all of us, we do have a better chance in this time and place. I will fight to the end of time to make a better world for our people. I know there is a better world and we all have to stick together to bring it to past. I cannot bear to think of another day in lies, abuse, misuse, murdering, stealing all that we have to be involved in today’s world. This is not right. Our children are precious and do not deserve to live with this any longer!


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