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Have you ever noticed that everything the government has its hands in, that price always goes up, never down?
This is called inflation, or production costs or whatever other label they put on it.
To hide the real truth from you, and that is to keep you financially drained.
Here are just a few things that the government has control over:
-The Medical Industry…With all its assorted departments
-Oil and Gas: Government regulation and taxes
-Automobiles: there again regulations and taxes
-Energy: taxes on Electricity and fuel oil heating
The list goes on.
Every thing goes up up up never down. Caused by useless government rules and regulations, whose only purpose is to impose unfair burdens on you, the public.
They are constantly pushing Bills and laws to further stifle you.
Have you ever noticed that you are occasionally given a tax break ( Which make them look good to you) in one area, only to pay double in an other area. These are false government promises to you.
On the other hand any thing that the government is not involved in the prices go down and the value goes up. An example would be the computer industry.
Think about that. That is what the Twelve Visions Party will deliver.
Be aware that the government does not want you to know this or they will loose their power over you. So they will black list and lie to protect themselves.
If you listen to these lies and twisted truths you will loose your freedom, future prosperity and happiness.
Only to ruled over by an authority that in short order has no qualms of keeping you in the dark (ignorant) and financially broke. This way they have the power over you.
Open your minds. Learn as much as you can about the Twelve Visions Party and what it stands for. Talk to your relatives and friends. So that you and your country and the rest of the world can enter a new era of peace and prosperity, filled with happiness and true freedom for all.
Many famous people have changed our lives… Einstein, Newton, Darwin etc..
Now give Mark Hamilton a chance to make our world a better and freer place to live.
Normand D


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