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Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,
The Twelve Visions Party (TVP…focused by market business persons) will very soon come to be the “logical-grass-roots” choice (spearhead) of the future in and for most cultures (countries) around the world because politics does not work…it has never “worked”. Why not?
Higher authorities (political, etc.), the world over, exist to usurp the societal wealth and values from entrepreneurs (market businessmen & businesswomen) and all of those (in dead-end, specialized jobs) who would wish to be (via their dreams, our dreams). The politicians buy votes (with money they do not earn), assuring their power, to control and rule over us.
Societal usurpers do fill a void (mutant & hallucinating) in our “conscious” brains (minds) thus providing the decision-making, dictating that we, seemingly, continue to desire. That must change and it will change because the TVP is not focused on a person or even many persons…it is “whole new level of thinking” (that does not include mysticism) that will focus and provide civilization the power of self thought, self realization and thus self determination. Dissatisfaction is very strong with the present state-of-being and will be the determinant driving the TVP forward…the time is now!
Politicians (and other higher authorities) are increasingly viewed as a problem (rightfully so) by individuals desiring an opportunity to forge ahead (gain wealth). And, whom (“sane-thinking” we are talking about here) on this planet doesn’t want that?
Sadly, many disillusioned individuals have already disengaged from, are in process of giving up OR worse yet…have already given up their dreams, as usually backed by a good plan, to legitimately gain traction (get ahead…gain opportunity & wealth) in this illogical, upside-down anti-civilization that we struggle, survive and exist in. Living the life we (the majority of us) were meant to live is less likely these days (ie.: financial worries, etc.) and lifestyle is almost not attainable…“if” it is achievable…is it sustainable? (ie: will the politicians, and other higher authorities, create more laws, rules and regulations to take our wealth away…that assumes that we have some? The answer is…yes, they will continue if we allow them that luxury). The American Dream and dreams in most countries around this planet are vanishing…….however, there is hope……there is the TVP!!
We (my wife and I) will celebrate with our family the 1st birthday of our first beautiful Grandchild, a Granddaughter, on August 23, 2009 (tomorrow). What a little joy she is…what happiness she brings…amazing is a word that doesn’t begin to express how we feel in her presence.
We want a never ending exciting future especially for her, but, also…of course…for our children and ourselves.
We want the exhilaration-of-life (future), not the burden-of-life (past and present).
The TVP brings us clarity of what needs to be our priority and focus now!!
Thank-you…Mr. Mark Hamilton for working tirelessly in bringing this wonderful alternative (the TVP) to us…what an awesome, societal value!
We need it, we want it, we support you, we are with you, we are engaged!
Again, thank you for all that you and the primary TVP teams have done and are doing…sincerely,
Paul & Ariadna (Ara) S


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