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Thank you Mark Hamilton
The day I received your book the Neothink Discovery and opened it, I opened my heart and mind to the Neothink Society.
The power of Neothink is so real, I have never had such wonderful feelings like that, It went through my whole body I had to sit down, It was wonderful, fantastic and I loved it. This is what I had been searching for, Thank you. Neothink has changed my life to became a better person and learning more and more every day, I am moving in direction of living the life I was meant live.
When reading the Neothink literature you know it is true because we are reading about ourselves, What the Government is doing to us is not right All Master Neocheaters (GOV) must be stopped they are hurting people all around the world who trying to live a normal life are losing
their jobs. Business people are closing down or moving to other countries even over seas. With out our business we are lost.
Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Vision Party, the voice of honesty with the Universal Law (The Prime Law) must not be stopped.
Only through depoliticizing America will ordinary people be able to live the life they were ment to live.
TVP is introducing the Prime Law, The Prime Law is to Govern us not the other way round, The Prime Law is what it is: No Initiatory Force.
TVP will stop Government telling us what to and how to spend our money and how to live his life.
Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society with his Twelve Vision Party have their way and means to turn U.S. around and once again make their country a World Leader.
David E


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