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To Mark Hamilton: I am a proud American, an ex marine, veteran of the Vietnam war who has served our country and a recipient of the purple heart. I have read your prime literature and it makes me proud to be included in the efforts of the neothink society. Approximately one year ago I received an invitation to join the neothink society and in it you offer me the food I needed to cure and ease the pain of a wound to my heart that was bigger than the one I received in Vietnam. Nine years ago on a Christmas night, I lost my older son to a car accident. This event drove me crazy, as I made a lot mistakes that ended my marriage of 38 years. My depression took over my life and I developed cancer of the prostate, diabetes,four by-pass heart surgery and two years ago I had a ruptured appendix. What else could go wrong I asked myself, but my only other son did not want to follow my steps in the business and I closed my real estate business. He was suffering perhaps more than me since the family was disintegrating and no one was making any sense. I tried going to church, but it didn’t help at all, The VA clinic send me to group therapy with other veterans who were possibly hooked on drugs or alcohol and I felt insulted since I don’t even smoke. They thought that I was on denial so I stopped going to those sessions. I had lost my family so I tried living with a new family twice before I received your invitation to the neothink society but they didn’t work. In my last relationship with a good woman, it kept me active in a new business, but our management of the business and the family was always in conflict and I was getting sick to my stomach with every decision so I finally ended this relationship in April of 2009. I have found my home in the neothink society, since it has open my eyes to a new world of positive thinking and like-minded members. My son’s accident and all of the events in my nightmare made me doubt my purpose for continuing to live, but the goals of the neothink society for a better world to be happy in this planet has led me to change my way of thinking and now I want to live a little longer. I want to be part of helping humanity to make the leap from the bicameral mentality that instead of just reacting automatically to the forces of nature, they learn to think for themselves and become self leaders. I want to be a part of the movement to eradicate diseases and help cure cancer, aging and other diseases. I want to be a part of the twelve visions party to make our government more efficient and eliminate so many costly programs and taxes. I enjoy the meetings with the other members in the web site as we all learn from each other as we integrate our neothinking. I, since becoming an active member of the society, have learned so much and feel free and happy again. I now enjoy a better relationship with my only son, his wife, and my two grand sons. It is because of them that I want this world to change to one of value creators instead of value destroyers. I want them to live in a planet of peace not in a planet where people must look over their shoulder to see who is trying to hurt them. Lets make a difference.
Thank you Mark Hamilton for coming into my life.


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