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With development of the Twelve Visions Party finally coming to life, I finally see hope for are country and the world as a hole. This is the only hope for the world to finally find peace and happiness! The literature and teachings nurtured from this party are uplifting and wonderful! There is nothing harmful or dangerous from these teachings, just pure simple logic being used for are benefit. The goal of the party is success for everybody and everything! To use are growing knowledge for the good all mankind. To make this world a paradise for all. Were there is no loss of anything that brings good to mankind.
The thought that this movement could be stopped is very saddening. Without the Twelve Visions Party I fear that the world will continue in its downward spiral and never come out of it. Death and war will flourish and the environment will be sacrificed and we will slowly destroy are planet and all its wonderful people, and all the beautiful places this world has to offer us all. The word that the party will bring us will be amazing and fun, fun, fun! The technology that will be developed by the nurturing of are great minds will be astonishing. Don’t stop the greatest thing we bring to this beautiful planet, are Minds!!
Michael O


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