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Dear Mark,
With the endless wisdom of Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts, which took me months to read, it is not possible to say in a simple word or paragraph the enormity and magnitude of knowledge, information, understanding, explanation, insight and vision he has launched to society and to my life personally. Very few people leave such a deep imprint on the lives of the masses as Mark has done. His genius will be witnessed by the world.
Timing is prophetic as the current presidents campaign was in response to the people’s cry for ‘change’. The change we see is not the change we seek! The change we seek is coming with the Twelve Visions Party! It will be the greatest Replacement since the writing of the Constitution and is in many ways accomplishing the same objective, which has been lost through a subtle deception of “Leadership” We need self-governing people!
We need schools that teach children to be self guided value creators. Following the leadership of the government has led to America losing her way. How Americans have lost their way can be summarized simply. By following the path of least resistance, allowing government to rule us as an external authority over our lives and relying on ‘programs’ to take care of us, we have relinquished the creative power of our own lives into the ruling dictates of laws and rules of what we can and cannot do. America has become a ‘handicapped society’. This is due to losing personal power. Does this sound like freedom and pursuit of happiness? We willingly ‘allowed’ government to make the rules and laws thinking we need external guidance, until realizing when we see the damage unfold and restrictions on our every move, that this trust of service to the people for the people and by the people was mistreated and turned into a power play to control us. No embellishments are needed as to just how bad this has become. Everyone is aware of the condition this country is in.
The Constitution states that if government fails to live up to the Constitution, that the people have the rightful place to keep it’s original words and shall take action against such tyranny. This is the WHY of the TVP. Every one has the right to live free, prosper and pursue happiness. How many Americans are happy and prospering? Our prayers sound like that of slavery.
When I read the vision of the TVP it sounded so simple I was stunned by the fact that it is as profound as it is simple; eliminating flaw filled man from laws that manipulate the truth. With a Protection only Government, we will eliminate the external guidance and control both causing and allowing people to govern themselves. This will fill people with excitement and fear at the same time, because there are no more ‘free rides’. For the cheaters this will be terrifying but for the value creators of society this will be the most liberating experience of our lives. We will change the future for our children and future generations.
Everyone knows things are terribly wrong, but they confess their helplessness in multiple ways, ‘when will someone do something?’ ‘You can’t fight city hall’ ‘Who is going to do something?’ ‘What group is going to stand up and help us?’ These are direct quotes I have heard. The last one struck me the hardest because I knew then and I know now that group is us and the TVP.
“That you may have Life and have it more abundantly” (Bible)
“Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness” (Constitution)
Everywhere you look, nearly everyone is talking about the inevitable societal and financial meltdown of America.
The former Soviet Union is warning the U.S. not to go the route of socialism, which the
American ‘powers to be’ seem to be now pursuing. A recent newsletter published by the Organic Consumer Association included an article written by one who experienced the Soviet collapse and ensuing chaos. He explains how Americans should prepare and what we need to do to survive the impending collapse of the United States of America.
Our national debt is into the trillions with spending at the government level continuing daily as if there is no tomorrow. Foreign news networks and the UN Newsletter carry stories of a new world monetary system being put into place. Others still, report that China, who owns 1/3 of our national debt, is preparing to dump the dollar. Evidence of this is seen by their stockpiling of gold and other precious metals, which has sky rocketed gold prices to a thousand dollars per ounce. The collapse of the dollar stands to affect European economies as well as our own, causing huge inflation and civil unrest throughout our global world.
The world watches as US bureaucrats force and manipulate laws of other countries into exposing private bank account information of American citizens whom the government has tagged as owing money to the IRS. These people only have a short time to declare their deposits and pay the IRS whatever the Feds determine or face jail. Many may ultimately choose to leave the US for somewhere with less taxation. We have already seen most of our manufacturing businesses move overseas leaving our citizens without needed jobs.
According to certain news wire services the feds are preparing to initiate mass vaccinations and quarantines via martial law, should a pandemic strike the United States. Foreign governments warn Neurologist to prepare for an onslaught of new patients after the swine flu vaccinations are administered. Other doctors are warning patients against accepting the latest vaccinations, due to the real possibility of diseases such as Epstein Barr manifesting as side effects. One journalist has even filed criminal charges against Obama and the world health organization (WHO) in the US and several other countries, citing the vaccinations are a plot by a new world order and a means to mass euthanasia of millions of citizens.
Legislators try to coerce constituents’ blessings to reform health care, yet nothing they have said or written is about changing the real issues of bullying medical personal who force unnecessary and dangerous procedures on unsuspecting patients and prescribe poisonous drugs that are not meant to cure but only to hide the symptoms. It is my belief they should step away from the issue before they make things even worse. Traditional allopathic health care is sickness care, personal care is preventive care; yet the FDA and cohorts use threats and armed force to prevent our citizens from hearing of alternative methods of health maintenance.
It is time we found our voice and started to exert influence over things that we care about Individuals and groups such as Campaign for Liberty blogger Tom Mullen, are now beginning to speak out across these United States in order to infuse in the American consciousness the possible adoption of John Locke’s Natural Law:
“The state of nature has a law to govern it, which obliges everyone; and reason, which is that law teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions…”
Others, such as Chuck Baldwin’s Talk Radio contemplate that “perhaps God will protect and raise up a remnant of people who would be willing to rebuild a place where Natural Law is respected, constitutional government is revered, and where a ubiquitous, loathsome, overbearing federal government is far, far away. You know, like America’s Founding Fathers did 233 years ago.”
Members and alliances of the Twelve Visions Party are those people seeking to rebuild American into a civilization of peace, purpose, prosperity, and health for all its citizens.
With a vision of civilization into which we (citizens) can transform our world, the Twelve Visions Party seeks to ratify the US Constitution with addition of an Individual Rights Amendment called the “Prime Law”
The Prime Law would forbid the use of initiatory force, fraud or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property or contract without exception; effectively nullifying the socialist regime taking control of every aspect of our very existence, now playing out in cities across American.
With the Prime Law in place we can restore the people’s confidence in the principles set forth in the US Constitution by our founding fathers.
The purpose of government would be to physically protect the people from aggression with protection-only legislation, police, courts, prisons and national defense, defending against initiatory force.
Our government would change from one based on power to one of protection only service to the people and voluntarily be paid for the service, not paid through forced taxation; which has already been proven in the court of law by several savvy citizens to be illegal and according to attorney’s for the politically active group ‘We the People.’ it is unconstitutional.
No more nation building in foreign land would be allowed or financed under a protection only budget. No more of our children would die promoting our leaders ideals of forced democracy on other nations whom refuse to assimilate there belief systems. America itself was never meant to a democracy, it is a republic as stated in our salute to our flag.
Adopting the Prime Law can create a dramatic increase in prosperity, health and purpose for all citizens.
As we universally remove big-government regulation, advancements in all industries can grow, and cost of goods will then decrease; just as the computer products did when the geniuses within that industry were allowed to create and expand IT services. Our jobs can finally return home.
It has been said that technology expands at a rate of almost 500% every seven years. The basic accumulated knowledge of our society actually doubles approximately every four years. We are growing so quickly in all fields that barely anyone can keep up with the changes at this accelerated pace. The old systems, be it religious, political, or economic are breaking down as they have become inadequate to handle the fast changing world of growth.
New systems with new ideas generated by people creating and instituting new ways of coping with our fast paced world are needed to replace them.
With the adoption of the Prime Law, Government would no longer be allowed to strangle
progress and destroy dreams. Stagnation and career glass ceilings would no longer exist as advancements would come based on merit not who you know, gender, age, race, sexual bias or anything else. Open competition in the marketplace along with freeing the economy from dubious regulatory forces creates lower prices for better quality goods and services, therefore quality of life and health care quality can soar.
Competition would dictate that education would improve to better prepare our children to open their minds and actually use their brains and intuitive senses instead of applying the ‘NO Child Left Behind’ legislation that further dumb down America. Competition and a protection only budget would prevent schools from labeling normal children as SLD or autistic in order to receive more government funds for their schools and giving the teachers an excuse not to teach, and the child an excuse not to learn.
Out of the chaos now confronting our world, we can envision the seeds growing as new forms are created by peoples’ minds when they are forced to think; either out of creative frustration or striving to make a living. They are learning and growing as a result of the life process of solving one problem after another.
We, through reason and self-control, determine how far and how fast we go. Society has achieved or acquired most of luxuries that entitles us to a very high standard of living, but can we keep it?
One of the few things left is our own development of consciousness. As a group of people planet wide our mental processes are controlling what’s happening on the Earth now. Look at our economy, through the media which brings us all closer, we respond to mental images of the economy going downhill; our reactions further the economic decline. Everyone thinks our economy is getting worse and it does. Self-fulfilling prophecy is the term psychologist use; reinforced, re-circulated and recycled through television, the internet and other news and social medium whose nature it is to dwell on things. When the mass consciousness in the world focuses their minds on positive outcomes, their actions follow and things get better. We are always creating and recreating our world with our thoughts, and our desires and the actions which ultimately follow our thoughts.
Anything alive is either growing and developing, stagnating and decaying or a combination of the two simultaneously. In our modern world we see both polarities operating simultaneously.
To really see an improvement and not the collapse of America and Europe close behind it; large numbers of individuals must start to consciously use their own unique capabilities to stand up and take responsibility for the world we are creating around ourselves.
Citizens of America are now becoming more conscious and aware of this, and taking responsibility. The possibility of restoring the original principles our forefathers set forth is now turning to a probability through the Twelve Visions Party.


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