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How awesome to be able to share my experiences with you personally.  I received my first book in 2006.  I read it and took some notes .  My job as a housekeeper in a church became more fulfilling.  I no longer had trouble finishing tasks on time.  My husband and I had grown apart.  We divorced.  I left my book at my dad`s who threw it out.  I ordered another book by mail
and read it.  Still stuck in stagnation, I put the book on the shelf.  My ex-husband came by one day and handed me a sealed envelope.  It was from Neothink dated 2006.  I bought a used computer and attended my first meeting in September.  Completed level 2 this month.  Also, attended live seminars on the web and read some in the web library.  Got in touch with some great people including an A-team leader in New Orleans, LA.  Hope to attend my first Club-house meeting in McComb, MS this month.  Hope to start a business of my own and/or lead an A-team myself before long.
I am receiving power and energy by cutting through the mysticism to the essences.  Last week I had a dream about experiencing a wonderful euphoria.  I would start to wake up, but, did not want to leave the beautiful place.  I would love to do some telephone marketing in this area.  Please send me some names and numbers.  I am on my way to becoming the person I was meant to be.  I love you all.
Your abounding mentee,
Deborah Stevenson


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