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Hello to everyone who is about to read this testimonial

I first want to let everyone know I have not been brain washed into what I’m about to tell you all. I’m using my own mind to make a decision as to what am I’m going to do with the rest of my life.

Because at the present time life doesn’t look so Rosie anymore.

Especially for those who are Poor Elderly and now 2nd class people are beginning to see that our present government are not doing the right thing.

So now I want to take the opportunity to let everyone know that there is a better approach to what our government is offering us. Okay let see what our government has to offer and we all know that it is the same old politics either we vote for Demarcate or we vote Republican. And I believe that they think we the masses are nothing but sheep and all they need to do is create an illusion of greener pastures. When in fact they are sending those greener pasture abroad.

I for one want to use the rest of my life saving my family from what I believe to be the greediest and most corrupt politicians we have ever produced in history and that I believe that this present situation is only going to get worse. So once again I want to take the opportunity to let everyone know that I’m not alone in my feeling about where this country should be heading. Like I mention earlier that we only have two parties to choose from and we must vote for one of them. But I’m here to let everyone know that it’s not true! I’m here to tell everyone there is a better party in town called The Twelve Visions Party (TVP) and the Neothink Society. Their platform is very simple but very strong and I don’t need 30 10inch books to explain this platform and here it is

The platform is:

Make The Everyone Rich Including the Poor and the Elderly

If you would like to find out more about us go to or

How simple is that and I must ask why hasn’t the other parties intellectuals come up with something so strong yet simple.

I’ll tell you why there is to much corruption and greed they can’t see passed their noses. The time has come for a change time to tell the other parties that we the masses have our own minds and can make our own decisions. And that their illusions won’t work anymore.

And everyone can do that! And all you have to do is do the research.

So simple to do!

So do like I did and get some real knowledge and set yourselves free.

Meet the author of the Neothink Society Literature and my Mentor and Hero Mr. Mark Hamilton join the rest of us here in the Neothink Society.

Lets make a change for the better. Together we will change the world.

Ending The Rule Of Man

To Launch

The Wealth Of Mankind Exposed

The Ruling Class

To Unite

The Non Ruling Class

And like I always say

Make It A Productive Day Everyday

One Step At A Time


Thomas Silvia


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