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Four short years ago, before discovering the Neothink Society, I was a 265lb & climbing, cigar smoking, ‘couch potato’ that had a 7 year addiction, to a narcotic called Vicodin.  I never exercised and experienced body pains ranging from sore back muscles to chest pains.  I slept 10 hours a day, watched television or played poker all weekend, and constantly overate.  
I was heading fast, towards a slow painful death. But that was the old me, and I simply decided that I had enough.  So I began a new life with the new tools I discovered within the Neothink Society.
Three years ago, I quit smoking.  I had tried to quit smoking at least 15 times, and that problem that I had for 26 years, simply vanished as irrational.  Shortly after, I accepted that the Vicidin I had needed at one time for low back pain, had become an unnecessary addiction.  Once placed in proper context, it was easy to quit.  
20 months ago, I decided that it was time to get back into proper shape.  I clearly remember thinking at 5’ 7”, “What am I doing at 265 lbs. & climbing?  I don’t even have a NFL contract.”  That day I began to run.  I was only able to make it ONE BLOCK before I was too winded to continue.  I crawled home & was able to only do 4 push-ups & 6 sit-ups.  I was disgusted with myself!    
Since absorbing the Society’s fully integrated honesty, I have made great strides in my understanding of the nature of human beings, beginning with myself.  This comprehensive knowledge, has allowed me to make profound improvements in virtually all areas of my life.
Today, I run 5 Kilometers – 4 times every week and participate in 3 one-hour aerobics’ classes per week.  I am able to easily complete 70 push-ups & 90 sit-ups.  I am smoke free & drug free. I have no body pains, am well rested after 7 hours of sleep, watch little television, & never overeat.  I am much healthier with greatly increased energy levels.  I have doubled my wealth, am three times happier, and I’m busy creating a future of my own choosing!
All of these ‘miracles’ were accomplished by Self-Empowerment through Self-Responsibility.  I stand next to my Society family members in empowering ourselves and the world to realize that:
• Any chosen action that harms the human organism or society, MUST be looked at as bad and morally wrong.
• Any chosen action that benefits the human organism or society, MUST be looked at as good and morally right.
Lastly, each of us already possesses the greatest power in existence:  Voluntary Choice
With this amazing power we each will dictate the outcome, not only of our own life, but we will also influence the direction of those we love.  We each have the power within us to Create a life of health, wealth, and importance.  All we have to do is Choose to Learn, forever. . .
. . . to be continued
. . . John S.


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