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Many years ago in what I thought was the land of the free I felt that there were secret to becoming wealthy and successful. I felt that I needed to be wealthy enough to become detached from the one thing that I felt a slave to. The monetary game of life was holding me back. The rut that we fall into was all based on scraping to pay the bills and struggling to make ends meet. Once I found the secrets, then I could become the person I was meant to be.
I fashioned myself as a modern day hunter, warrior. What I was hunting was the keys to success. This took the ways of a warrior. There are many things one has to learn to become a hunter
Any good hunter gets to know their prey but my prey was not any animal or living thing. My prey was success. One has to stalk the prey to learn all of the habits and routines of their adversary. Learning and reading was the best tools available to accomplish the stalking that I needed to do.
I learned many, many things in this quest to bag success and find happiness. At first the learning was slow and I was not sure of the reason. It took the ways of a warrior to handle all my failed attempts and to keep on hunting.
One day I received a letter in the mail that seemed to describe my quest but it also said things that I thought was kind of funny at the time. My curiosity got the best of me and in my hunt for success, they were offering me knowledge towards this same goal.
I ordered and received my first book out of three at the time and when it arrived I started to read it and could not get interested. When asked to order the second book I hesitated but went ahead and ordered it. Again I started reading it and did not have much interest. Despite my apparent lack of interest I ordered the third book when it was time to place that order.
When the third book arrived I again started reading but this time I could not put the book down until I was finished. When I finished reading the third book I said to myself that I did not give the other books the time I needed because there was obviously more here than I had thought. Now I was excited. It was time for me to read the first two books and find out what I had missed.
Now I have always been an alternate thinker and searched through many things before reading this literature. I could give you a detailed list of all the things I read up on and took an interest in but that would take a long time. With these books I found that I had kindred spirits in this world with me and I was not the oddball rebel that nobody understood. The reason most did not understand me was because I always thought there was more than what they were telling and teaching us. I asked questions and took the value out of the answers I got instead of accepting the answer as fact.
Then the time came and I was invited to meet others. I was invited to essence meetings and to a web site. I was still reading the first two books as this came about. In the essence meeting with Mark Hamilton I listened with great intensity and like little Johnny in the back of the class who wanted to share the answers I could not wait to voice what I thought.
Now I am not going to paint a rosy picture of everything that happened from there because that would not be the truth. In many ways I was the same oddball even with the group I was meeting. I knew I understood the literature. This should not be happening and yet I persisted. In my persistence I started to meet some of the genius that I was looking for but I also bumped heads with some who did not see some of the things that I saw.
I was learning at an accelerated rate now that I read the books and implemented things into my life. Finding the truth about many things was a little disturbing and even caused quite a bit of anger and bafflement for me. How could others treat one another with such purposeful malice? I knew the answer to that but it still struck me, How come they get away with it? I knew the answer to this also, because we let them. How can we stop them?  Again I knew the answer; it was to make everyone aware. How do we make everyone aware? The answer to that was being provided by the new society that I was watching form right before my eyes.
Success was taking on new meanings for me or should I say that I was remembering what success really was. My financial situation was not improving at all. It was even sliding backwards and I was going into the hole. We were all hit by what mainstream society was creating for us, it did not have to happen, but the few selfish elite knew that they would benefit from our suffering by gaining more control over our lives. This could not happen if everyone saw through their play for power.
Now I embrace the fact that I may be an oddball. I have very good company in this classification. Albert Einstein was a bit of an oddball as were many of the great thinkers through out our history. What made them the oddballs was the ability to keep asking questions and not excepting any of the answers as concrete fact that can never be questioned. They took the hard road of continued searching and not excepting just any old answer.
At this point I would say that I have bagged success but the hunt continues and this warrior is still part of the hunt. The new game in this hunt is world peace and individual empowerment for all the people. Now it is true freedom for all people, this is what we hunt. This true freedom will allow for the evolution of mankind. Allow for individuals creations to continue unencumbered by to illusion of the self indulged few. This freedom will allow for the shift in our consciousness to occur to a point where we do not look for outside authorities to provide the answers for us.
With honesty, love, respect and integrity the warrior of the new age hunts for what mankind has yet to achieve. In this new society I see that all good things are possible but I also see that it will take each and every one of us humans to become a part of the hunt.

Join us in making the world a better place. Join us in bringing about a shift in consciousness that benefits everyone and not just the few. Join us in creating a world that our children and grandchildren can grow and prosper in. Join us and become a creator yourself. Join us and take action that will stop the regression of our society and mans self destructive existing path. Join us and become the person you are meant to be. Join us and enter the Twelve Visions World.


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