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For centuries the ruling establishments have tried and unfortunately succeeded in eradicating many individuals who had visions or different ways of accomplishing their goals and dreams. Mark Hamilton (my mentor) and the Neothink Society have enlightened countless individuals (myself included), and helped all of us to reach our success levels that


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  • Carl Jess Okeson:

    As an individual of the society I say “you’re welcome”. And I make the comment that Mark Hamilton means no ill will even to the ruling establishments. They have a chance to see the benefits of a free society and join in the new, better prosperity. Their lives might be disrupted but soon mended and better in the long run.

  • Rhonda:

    Neothink has moved many people from a stagnate life into a movement love. The Twelve Visions Party mission to depoliticize America and the world will save civilization. Thank you Mark Hamilton!

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