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Neothink Society new member, Jennifer Jeannero.

In 2008 I was hospitalized for three months in another state, from a head injury, similar to a bad stroke. I had been a contractor, barely making it, with no medical insurance. I returned home where I live alone, my family and close friends live far away. I was mentally, and physically devastated. Nobody was there to help me recover. My reasons for living were clearly fading fast.

Shortly after I returned, I happened to get Mark Hamilton’s brilliant literature. I didn’t know everything he wrote about. What I did know about, he was very accurate and truthful. I believe everything else I read, followed that accuracy and truthfulness.

Mark Hamilton had covered


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  • Rhonda:

    You’re truly a fortunate person because you were able to integrate so personally with Mark Hamilton’s writings. I appreciate your honesty as you tell your story, it is better than a miracle, and I look forward to meeting you in the Twelve Visions World. Neothink is one of the most loving gifts offered anywhere!

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