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Dear Mark,


It has been more than enough time passed that I communicate with you.  And it is with great pleasure the I do so now.

Mark, after more than 1 year, I am still forever  grateful that I am with a very distinguished society.  The day you discovered me, was a great changing part in my life.  I have learned tremendously through the website and through your books.  I am empowered more so than broken.  The Neothinker is alive in every one of us.  The potential is there for the anti-civilization to take grasp.  Through your literature and through the bible of Jesus’ teachings, I am able to apply the tools and techniques that I need to “get over” the heap of what I been through – verbal abuse.  It is with this, it gives me great pleasure to tell you, I am writing and plan to complete my book to give all people my technique and tools to eradicate abuse out of everyone’s lives.  It is my wish and it is my dream for ALL to “taste the fruits”.

I am not quite sure if it is who sees the world differently or that the anti-civilization is very out of control.  Perhaps it is a little of both!  With that said, I am pursuing and partaking a path implemented by Jesus’ teachings, and your own.  With confidence, with enormous discipline I am taking my roll to follow after you and Jesus to change this world to the COU.  My own adage of:  “observe it, but don’t become it” is an application that I utilize wherever I go in the midst of people with whom I do not know who they really are, but feel they are part of the anti-civilization.  I use great caution here as almost as if I step on hot coals and then tip toe around them to have them taste “my fruit offering”.  My fruit offering of being with the Neothink Society to others is – not speaking to hardly anyone.  I know it is vital for humanity for this to occur if the anti-civilization is to be stopped.  In this way, the energy in the way they want me to respond is “cut off” from me, as I put my energy towards helping humanity in helping abuse become no abuse.  

Mark, I am being harassed severely by others.  People are blaming me, talking behind my back, and all that comes with the abuse of the anti-civilization.  That is the super-puzzle.  It’s truth.  And I thank you for teaching me.  The harassment is also by neighbors whom reside in my apartment complex and voices (bi-cameral – perhaps), that come from the street location below outside my bedroom window.  It is quite intense.  I am also missing important documents from my home that I believe neo-cheaters have found their way inside to try to pull me down.  

In being with the society and Jesus, no one can pull me down.  It may look like from an outsider’s perspective that the anti-civilization is winning, but it is GOD’s way of showing that I am in secret to the Neothink Society and to Christ.  

Barry is not so supportive of my partaking.  At first this bothered me, until I became enlightened with the secrets.  And now I am empowered and beyond hurt and pain.  Thank you, Mark, you saved me the agony and Jesus, too.  I now realize that even though there is a lot of good to Barry, his comments (abuse) to me is a reflection of not only of who he is but holds for a very strong definition of the anti-civilization.  

I uphold the and your principalities of a world of free government, with the abundance of police officers.  Ever since, I learned how you feel about the police I began to see how true it is, that police officers are there for reinforcing the law and providing all people with the fruits of life.  When I read this in your books/meetings, you worded it in a way that struck a chord.  And with this abuse from others that I am going through, I plan to very soon go down to my local precinct and talk to “Patrol” regarding the harassment and accusations from others that I raped a man and from having items stolen from my room.  Regarding the accusations that I raped a man, I stay quiet with all of my accusers because I will and should not have to explain or talk about what happens to the chemistry when a man and woman are together and are very excited and in a consented way  – as it was.  Unfortunately, my relationship with this man ended because I became very sick.  I could not take care of my rent, bills, and I lost my job.  Therefore, I had to move away from the city back to the country with my mom.  After that, I lost touch with this beautiful Neothinker.  Now, 22 years later, his friends and the community are accusing me of raping him.  His friends are broken hearted and very very angry because they blame me for breaking up their relationship with him.  I heard a man whom was an alcoholic speaking about this to another man downstairs at my gym.  This is how I know.  If the bonds were very strong with this man, this would not have happened.  And believe me it is never too late for restoration.  This kind of people are very wicked and vicious.   I have forgiven them through prayer and fasting, but at the same time, I do not regret what I had with this beautiful person.  However, I believe this relationship hurt my Lord.  I spoke to Jesus about this relationship, and since then have been delivered by Jesus.  As Jesus told me to look at HIS ascension and not the actual nailing to the cross.  

With regards to work, I lost my position with NYU on July 24, 2007 in the Skin and Cancer Unit.  
Lauren Jill Cooper from the anti-civilization took away the food from my plate, so to speak.  She was a Hartford graduate who was born in Connecticut, went to school undergrad in Pennsylvania and then a Hartford graduate.  It was very cruel and vicious what she did to me in letting me go, considering I was the best worker there.  On the flip side, it was the best she could ever do for me.  I realized that the institution is an entrapment.  My explanation for that is because government controls the research area of discovering ways of preventing diseases – as in inventing an antibody for viruses.  Truly, Mark, with your written “Miss Annabelle’s Secrets”, and library articles on Society of Secret’s website, an invention for a disease would take people who excel in the Math and Sciences less than 1 month to develop.  Trust me.  I believe so.  However, because of the politics involved and government control, people continue to die of AIDS/Cancer Related Diseases in droves.  My vision for the future, is to see an institution from the secrets to develop a unit dedicated as a research center to eradicate diseases, forever!   For specialists and research scientists given the freedom and Neothinker ambitions to feel free rather than controlled or threatened with good intentions given to heal the environment!   

Currently, I have a temporary position with an agency in Midtown.  It pays $12.00 an hour, for hours worked only.  There are no other perks – nothing, no insurance, and no paid vacations/sick time.  And the place where they placed me is:  DFTA – Department For The Aging, which is the government!  Unbelievable, right?  I am definitely putting every day I am there the COU, with the tools of the secrets.  Again, I do not talk too much.  But I can tell you and want to give you a contact name of the director for the Contract Accounting unit of where I am.  This Neothinker is incredible.  When he sits me down to teach me, my Neothinker never accuses me of the mistakes I made in my work, instead he asks me to clarify “are those my initials on the letters”, and questions he gives me to make me think of my work as a sophisticated piece of work rather than just a letter.  It is with pleasure, I highly recommend the honorable Mr. Jean Pierre to the Society of The Secrets.  His contact information is:, address of: DFTA, 2 Lafayette Street, 9th Floor, NY, NY  10007, phone of:  
212 442-1006.  He is a definite candidate for the Society.  His thinking process is automatic – meaning right to the policy.  I hope you will contact him.  Please understand, I have a working relationship with him at DFTA and that talking to him about the society would not be so etiquette even though time is in essence, here.  Please understand.  

I want to, so……..badly to attend the Clubhouse.  However, I have a hard time getting to them because Barry monitors where I go and my purpose with each and everything.  I think I may have mentioned to him at first where I was going, and he did not want me too.  

Truthfully, I am in a very tight situation with the entire anti-civilization resting on my shoulders.  However, given who I am with the Society, I am pacing myself until………….until the very appropriate time.  Timing, too, Mark; is also of essence.  

I love my new life with the Society.  I am most grateful and trust me; I know I am being backed by you.  Many times, I feel your presence and I keep it moving because I know, we will benefit the world!

I hope all is well with you!

You’re beautiful, Mark Hamilton!

Love, Beth


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