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I’ve been aware of and using the Neothink mentality for more than 20 years.  Neothink has changed me fundamentally as a person at my core.  My outlook on life, the decisions I make come from the Neothink perspective, one in which I’m in total control of my life.  Neothinking touched my life in the following major areas, as well as other areas of my life: Wealth Creation, Romantic & Family Love, Health & Happiness.  I would not be the same person; I wouldn’t have the same success in these areas if not for the ability to use this powerful tool.  

With Neothink I consider life from a broad integrated perspective, tapping into my brain power like never before.  Not some mystical or magical power.  No, it’s down to earth, reality based thinking.  It takes effort and brain-sweat.  Once someone understands and uses Neothink they can begin immediately to consider every situation and decision from a long-term best interest perspective.  

Begin to build future wealth and creative valuable projects today.  Learn to recognize value oriented relationships.  Use your brain to remove and eliminate limitations.  Limitations hold you back from the life you were meant to live.  Understand what makes man happy and gain real long-term happiness.  
My Wealth Creation
Before Neothink, I was a lost loser going nowhere.  Starting as a box boy in a grocery store my career steadily and consistently improved using the Neothink mentality.  Currently my earns top $100,000 per year.  My thinking continuously leads to wealth and looks to creative values for society.  I’ve done well financially, but I haven’t consistently used this power to its full potential.  If I had I’m sure I would be making double, triple or possibly ten times more than I currently have.  Even with part-time application of Neothink I’ve become a millionaire.  Anyone with better discipline, removing their own limitations, can earn many more times this amount.  

My Romantic Relationships

Prior to Neothink I had no idea what type of woman would be in my long-term best interests.  I dated often, but for the wrong reasons.  Once I starting using Neothink, I knew the women to look for, someone good for me in my long-term.  My search criteria and dating approach changed dramatically.  Using Neothink I was able to find and marry a wonderful women. We’ve been raising two great kids and have been married for over 10 years now.  We all have strong and wonderful love for one another.  Had I not used Neothink, my life would not be full of the family love I enjoy today.  

My Health

Once one understands the value and the importance of their life, builds wealth and experiences romantic and love from their children, it follows that they should take care of their health?  Now that I’ve built a wonderful life, full of wealth and love, I know I need to take care of myself.  I want to live.  I love life and all its treasures.

I have choices when it comes to my health: eat a donut when offered or polity refuse.  Which choice is in my long-term best interest?  I can exercise daily or kickback and be a couch potato.  I choose the action that is in my long-term best interest.  I’m careful about what I put into my mouth.  I know aerobic activity leads to a healthy body.  The Neothink mentality leads one to the conclusion that is in their long-term best interest.  Neothink leads me to choose these positive actions to override my natural instincts to overeat and be lazy.

As a result, I’m lean, fit, athletic and healthy.  My life expectancy increased.  

My Happiness

Neothink transformed my wealth creation, my romantic and family love and my health.  As a result I’m very happy with my life.  Neothink has been key to my long-term happiness.  Gaining wealth, love and health leads to a lot of happiness.  I’m living the life I was supposed to live.  I’m living the life of my dreams.  

Anyone searching for real long-term happiness should consider learning, understanding and using the Neothink mentality.  The Neothink mentality’s value far exceeds my 4-year college degree.


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