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By the time I had receive my very first letter from the Neothink Society, I was literally feeling like I was on my last leg. Some months prior I had obtained communication from Temple University Hospital, informing me that two of the candidates who was involved with the same drug testing that I had volunteered for, had died from brain damage. I was being instructed to be seen by a medical doctor with regards to this. Seeing my life now flash before me, I was now able to understand why I felt like I was dying as every day went by; why I was struggling to recall information of things that I learned on my job just six months prior to being involved in the drug testing; and why my husband repeatedly would complete most of my sentences for me. I began to dislike reading, because I couldn’t retain much of what I read anyway. However being stimulated by the letters sent to me, I subscribed. I certainly was not prepared for the results I obtained and the amazing  transformation that took place next. Realizing that the more I read the more I grew in knowledge and understanding. I decided to paste myself.  I did not allow a day to go by without me having completed as least five pages of reading regardless of how busy I became. Then I began to feel better and better as I continued to read.
One day, almost like being in the right place at the right time, I overheard a lecture on television by a Dr. Daniel Amen entitled ‘change your brain, change your life’. The good Dr. was expounding on what we need to do to sustain the life of our brain. Dr. Amen explained that we need to read daily to make connections and that interacting and going out to meet with others also help to that end.. Because as we meet we are compelled to recall names and remember faces. Like a miracle, this explained to me why I felt like I was being healed.
It is my firm belief that here on earth we have been equipped with all the resources we need to be successful. The literature showed me ‘how’ to tap into those resources. I distinctly recall saying to myself, on completion of my first heirloom that I’ve been pulled to a black hole. Feeling like I now had the ability to soar above the university and look upon the earth, I was reminded of what some of my colleges shared with me when they graduated from college. They told how they began to see things differently, almost like in three dimensions. Now, after reading the heirlooms, I too feel the same way. I feel as if I have graduated from the University of Life. I certainly am indebted to the authors for the changes that their writings have brought about in me.

Sincerely                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jacqui Just be!


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