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After years of struggling helplessly because of a disability that was diagnosed by medical doctors in 1984 as Multiple Sclerosis my Neothink® journey gave me “iron grip control” over my body and my life.  Before Mark Hamilton and the Neothink® Society I had reached out to others for help with minimum results.  It is with great sadness that I have to echo the words of the “musical genius” Michael Jackson “They Don’t Care About Us”.  I have literally been through hell.  I have been abused repetitively by countless others.  I have been abused by individuals working in positions of authority (doctors, nurses, lawyers, managers,
clergy…).  I have just recently come to terms with the reality that some individuals working in every industry are motivated strictly by the money.  In 1999 I was employed in the healthcare industry and our director was a registered nurse.  Her lack of compassion and cruel treatment of the employees in her department makes Dr. Jack Kevorkian a “saint”.  Just I began attending church regularly again in 2002 the minister stole $100,000.00 from the church tithing funds and although he was married he was having an affair with a young female parishioner.  This is the second time in less than a decade that I had experience the similar situation while attending church.

In every aspect of life I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that “it is all about the money”.  The love of money is unquestionably the root of all evil.  I have experience the evils of “greed” repetitively.  As an individual that has traveled around the world several times I can say with absolute conviction that Mark Hamilton the founder of the Neothink® Society is a man that I have come to love and “trust”.
As a seasoned networker I have met countless individuals across the globe and the word “trust” is not a term that I use lightly.  Mark Hamilton is an exceptional man.  He is a caring a giving individual that brings immense value to the overall human experience.

I give thanks daily to the universe for Mark Hamilton and the ability to Neothink® which has empowered me to live the life that I am meant to live minus the dishonesty.  Mark Hamilton is a giant among men that I am truly thankful to have the pleasure to know.  Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions World is “powerful” with a mission to “help everyone, everywhere live the life that we are meant to live minus the dishonesty”.  Being a part of the Neothink® Society has transformed my life into pure “magic”.  I have acquired the body of my dreams my hair is manageable my confidence level is way up.  Just last week a female doctor friend of mine and her hair stylist concurred that I was “fine”.  A young attorney friend of mine posted the question on Facebook “ What is your definition of fine?  When we finally talked one on one over the phone I told her that I was my definition of fine.  (Of course my ex-husband is chasing me on Facebook – too bad so sad)

A songwriter wrote:
“If anyone should ever write my life story for whatever reason there might be, you’ll be there between each line of pain and glory because you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”

Thank you so much Mark Hamilton – You are loved a lot! – The Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink® Society rocks!!!

Linda Mokeme


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