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To Mark Hamilton,
With the growing force that is slowly, yet persistently, and consistently lifting the veil of mysticism, up to now, clouding the consciousness of the world’s population by infecting everyone with a reversible, psychological pathology I’ve labeled: “Illusion, Confusion, Delusion Disease”, I think it long overdue to repay the favor of the antidote provided for this global condition by sending the few words you’ve requested detailing the growth and understanding of Neothink in my personal mind space.

Actually, “detail” is a somewhat miss-leading, and, perhaps, an inappropriate word to use here, because I tend to be a little long-winded, in general, and saying this might play into that tendency.  Not that there’s anything absolutely wrong with that, but to be quite frank, some time ago I set a mental commitment to myself to get this out to you no later than the end of this month; and, by golly, I’m going to keep it.  Additionally, since all the “Dissertations” already sent by other members of my A-team, have been on the short side, well . . . enough of that.

Just let me say as one of the 7 integral members of my team,” Integrated Thinkers”, attempting to stay involved with as many salient aspects of it as I can, including the TVP, I have, nonetheless, been a little reluctant to incorporate the mini-day/power-thinking team into my “retired-individual” lifestyle.  A reluctance that fortunately has taken a very noticeable turn towards the light, as a flower does on a bright, and very sunny spring day; with hesitance replaced by understanding made unavoidable via the integrated connection that links the mini-day/power-thinking team (which, I am finally, at long last, taking initial steps to utilize) to Neothink, “Self-capture”, “Company Capture”, and way, way beyond – to “Super-puzzles”, whispering hints of their presence, starting at the individual, passing the global, and accelerating towards the Universal level of magnitude; which, of course, is the “”.

Let these few words just spoken then, be a token, sufficient to firmly place “my foot in the door”, with new arrivals expected daily, to fulfill my promise, there will be more.

Loren C. Taylor


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