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Mark Hamilton’s windows media videos on publicly announced websites, and I’ve only watched 2 videos of him, have given me the confidence to predict the lottery to fund my own company, I actually believe I can do this thru his teachings and whenever I feel down in this ever world that surrounds us, I read his books and I feel right on track back again, there is something different about those books, including the materials on the website, and all I’m trying is, to well better take care of myself, to survive to live a better life because the one I have is not good is bad, I have nothing if my father dies, in fact I’ll have less from all angles, so I must, pursue what’s on this teachings to advance my own self and pursue a literally giant skyscraper which I always wanted, plus right now I’m writing all the video games that SCEA ever publish to gather all the video game makers to understand the history of all failed companies and how there all clinged to the demands, investors, stock owners, rules of any kind. But most importantly how there power of titles they possess doesn’t reflect the real world reality that they advertise, so I want to actually make it a reality. I believe that If I let my ego go all out, and removing the jealously barrier and just concentrating on the death factor that I might die and know of anything else soon afterwards, from someone that is poor and hasn’t experience much and with his natural good looks deteriorating and his body never fully grown due to malnutrition, I have decided to use my ego to the max to pursue the death factor of not believe anything can happen to me, as long as I believe, I will die. I think what it means to live life means to live forever, and that means to work to produce such a result, to use such force you have to want the edge to win it and make it happen to take your life and survive until the end, and then you can say you lived forever. I guess we all make our mistakes, but if we take accountability for our own problems we’ll pay back the earth a better pay, and will have ourselves a better life that we all want right now in all angles that affect us. I see a lot of Mark Hamilton’s work in the Fanta soda commercials but I myself as a business/marketing; journalist, type of mind speaker, I think it can also be viewed more clearly and at a faster rate over the internet in all business transactions, things are going faster and faster, but I think if we think more and focus on all angles we’ll cover more terrain than if, at the rate that were travelling , and we’ll have clear thoughts compared to the fast route to riches without any thought; of unsureness. I’m not sure, but I know happiness is the most valuable thing on earth.


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