More TVP

Dear Mark Hamilton;
I have sent several comments to you on my feelings about you, the Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party. All three are fantastic. I have been uplifted and again have hope for this world we live in. When we spread Neothink and the TVP across the country and around the world this world will be a beautiful place to live. I have been studying your Neothink writings and every time I learn more useful information even in sections I have read before. The first reading only gives you the basics. Reading again and again increases my understanding tremendously. I have found the advantage of honesty with myself and in everything I do and think. I have found the advantage of integrity in myself and everything I do. And these are attitudes that everyone needs the way things are today. We must spread the word everywhere. The Twelve Visions Party must be built and advanced all over the country as fast as possible. It is the salvation of our country. HOW CAN I HELP?
Martin A Randolph


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