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Dear Mark,

I would like to say thanks to you, Mark Hamilton, along with the everyone involved in the Neothink Society. Your literature is giving people the knowledge to make the MAJOR changes needed here on earth. To get the wealth, health, and happiness we all deserve.
Before I became a member of the Neothink Society I was an insecure and lazy person. I felt bad about myself and I didn’t have any goals or aspirations. I simply didn’t care about my life or what would happen to me. After joining the Neothink Society and reading Mark Hamilton’s literature, everything changed. I soon realized that my life was in fact the greatest gift i had received and that I can control every aspect of it, including predicting my own future. I’m really trying to say that I gained a DEEP love for life.
The Twelve Visions Party’s success means A LOT to me because of their values. The TVP wants wealth, health, and happiness for EVERYONE, including those in poverty. Also, they have and will maintain a loyalty to honesty, unlike today’s politicians. If The TVP does not succeed, I feel we will remain trapped in stagnation. Under a dishonest government and irrational religions.
Adam L


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