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I praise Mark Hamilton and his work – eliminating the deceitful ruling class, raising the level of awareness for the non-ruling class, breaking complex puzzle pieces down to what is, teaching through action intense verbs how to absorb learning through positive introspection. I was brought to this higher consciousness because this society noticed something in me to be honored, honed, brought to its fullest. I think faster, pierce quicker, intuitively find solutions like never before. I am more loving toward my family, friends, associates. I have a greater and increasing respect for value creating business people. -Successful people are not the enemy, red tape bureaucrat, fda, sec, are. Limiting people to want to be controlled (these people are saving my life, protecting me, keeping me comfortable; they deserve my power, my submission). That lie is what perpetuates the anticivilization. Technological advancements, scientific medical discoveries, extending save-life medicines, all held up so these people can maintain authority, tax-free lifestyles. People know where and how to spend their money; when something is a scam, that business will eliminate its self out of fraudulence. We all deserve to live in the society of the universe, without dogma, counter-productive pride in a dark age system. I support TVP, Mark Hamilton, Neothink, Neothink Society

At the time I received the invitation letter to read about how to learn how to live in health, wealth, love, honesty and happiness, I was at a point in my life that I was fed up with everything in this world. There is so much abuse, dishonesty, cheating, murder, ect going on that who wants to live in that. I thought , What


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  • Jill:

    It is nice to hear how much your life has improved since you learned how much the rule-of-man across the world has held each of us back.  You will help lead the people into a prosperous, happy, healthy, peaceful world.

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