More TVP

I want to thank you for your passion in a cause that has more value and meaning than anyone I have read about learned from in my entire life. You have the vision that has inspired thousands of people if not millions already. You come with reality and the facts are written and spoken as they really are.
Your material comes from the creative mind that you utilize that all humans shall tap into. We are given our brains to use freely to expand our creativeness as you have so passionately done. I hope the people that see and know the truth stand by you and with you on this journey to a new world, a better world for all.
Mark Hamilton, you are a true inspiration because you are real and true refreshing to the soul of honesty. May You and all in this movement progress behind and with you.
Power greed and control as we know it has been exposed.
May all your efforts bare it’s fruit very soon.

The Twelve Visions party is a refreshing view on how the direction of our country should go.


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