More TVP

Hi there Mark. Maggie E. Duke of Bethany, Ct. here. I just wanted to send along the first of a series of testimonials and a thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done.

I want to say, that my mentor, Mark Hamilton, is by far a superior human being. He teaches us how to build values for our communities and how to build up our own value system so that we, in turn, can teach our value system to others and help everyone and everything to move forward in the right direction.

Any attack on Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Neothink ways is, I consider it, a personal attack upon myself.

How dare anyone to even question the abilities or the credibility of this man and my friend, Mark Hamilton?

In 2007, upon the beginnings of my journey with the Neothink ways, I opened up “Angels Come To Earth, (c) 2007 a charitable organization for the homeless which I actually founded to help provide material and financial assistance via donations (material and cash, although the cash donations haven’t started yet) through my organization. In this way, I am helping to


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