More TVP

My Dear Mark Hamilton, I hope that my testimonial was adequate. I am still “new” and haven’t finished reading all of the literature you have sent me. I’m 3/4 through, so I felt that I was familiar enough with the “bottom line’ about all you and Neothink Society have done for me and what our society is all about. As I go along in the book again (I want to start from the beginning and I am taking notes this time), I will be able to add more meaningful testimonials for you. I hope that every single member of Neothink writes a testimonial).

Mark, do not worry, you KNOW the negativity that worry can cause you mentally, physically and emotionally. You must not worry and you must remain strong and you can ride out any storm. It is best to be prepared for any dangers to come. But in facing a danger once, you do not have to live in fear (of what will happen). Do not let yourself or anything you’ve worked for be put in a cage of fear. You’re taking positive steps to face that fear head-on. You will not be defeated.

All bad things pass and time heals and kills all lies.


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