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My name is Kjelene and I am friend, advocate and supporter of Author, Visionary and Founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, Mr. Mark Hamilton.

I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s literature for over five years now. His books have become reference materials for all aspects of my business and personal life. He is a visionary that shares his secrets to success with those that just ask. Mark Hamilton has developed a new culture of like-minded people who have read his work and are now experiencing their own success and personal fulfillment in life and they are now helping others.

In my own business, I’ve always reached out to my clients for testimonials of my work and they have gladly offered them to me. This is why I must give you my testimonial of my involvement working with Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society


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  • This is a very powerful testimonial. The seed was planted and has grown so large that it can only go forward. Hopefully it will engulf the world and we will all profit from it. My thanks to you. Pat

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