More TVP

The “GAME OF LIFE”, has always been played by the world’s population in accordance to the perimeters set upon the mind. Laws, statutes and regulations came about around the last 3000 yrs. and the populous proceeded accordingly. Before this, there was no order and law.
As time passed by so did codes or laws that became primitive.
THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, is the scheduled code venue of the global populace because this species is too well endowed to remain primitive in always having a type of fulfillment yet never really digesting the fullness of its potential or, always suffering some form of suppression. “Authority is good” only when it nurtures potential to full fruition, but not when it subjugates,{sub}.It is said that to err is human and to forgive is of God, yet to repent and remit is enlightenment and not robbery for what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In THE TWELVE VISIONS world the “CAP-STONE” for “all “human behavior is come full circle. No more “WILLIE LYNCH-PROGRAMME”[of antiquity}for the masses to avoid enjoining all earthly good with one another by but in its place the same self start page. To be happy is to be honest and polite to be healthy and wealthy. T,V,P. is the edge I need on these primitive envioron’s of confinement “aka” modern life.


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