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Dear Mark Hamilton,

I have waited three years, enduring “technical difficulties” of epic proportions and other manageable obstacles to add my testimonial. Neothink, as it was introduced to me by Mark Hamilton, which is now called Neothink and was once Neothink has immeasurably my existence in all capacities.

Having been introduced into the Neothink Society when I was 26 yrs. grown, significantly for the quality of person I was on the inside(concerning particular, essential elements) which is a major component as to how Mark Hamilton’s apprentices we’re chosen), now at 29 years of age and well-read in Neothink(NEOTHINK SOCIETY) literature–my Heirloom Packages, I find that my excitement and enthusiasm about life, my life and the future for all Value Creators is growing continuously and exponentially.

Growing up to now, I had always felt an innate orientation within honesty–most specifically honesty to myself. As I observed a, frankly sad, many others in a plethora of situations exercise an internal allegiance toward immediate comfort or gratification no matter if it was immoral or irrational, I always exercised. Sometimes with sordid, envious opposition…an allegiance to nothing else but the truth. The truth–which can be discovered through deep, honest, rational, introspection.

I have an eternally versatile, highly integrated personality developed stemming from my core and have often had to defend myself psychologically and morally in my adult years. It eventually became apparent to me that people who’ve personally experienced me the most viewed me as kind, strong-willed, confident, completely dismissing any consideration as to how that was developed–that it was largely developed through life experiences like: trial and error, enormous battles defending my inclination towards morale and rational mentality and those many large battles increasing the space between me with the Aristotelian-based philosophy I carried and the Platonistic-based philosophy my attackers carried; this increasingly distinguished for me and enhanced who I am in terms of Honesty, Morale and Rationality from others who are inclined towards dishonesty, immoral and irrationality. I was often attacked on those fronts PRIMARILY BECAUSE WE ARE TEMPORARLY LIVING IN A WORLD SUPRESSED BY THE PLOYS OF THE ANTI-CIVILIZTON…INCLUDING THE PLAGUE OF MYSTISM–a world that from the base of their mystism plagued reasoning is often self-persuaded to create problems where none exist! Sadly, I even endure resistance from members of my immediate family. Along with my exhibiting an undeniable and distinct laser focus, upon getting a glimpse of my heirloom packages, significant opposition arose leading to their researching of flamer sites and posts online about Neothink and the literature I owned, referring to them as “those black books!”..telling me things like, “Neothink will lead to your downfall!” These were relatively ugly exclamations with envious undertones that ultimately express a lack of understanding on their part. I am gloriously exited and anticipating the culmination of the Prime Law Amendment to the United States Constitution that the Twelve Visions Party with the entire NEOTHINK SOCIETY is pushing forth to bring about the Twelve Visions World on earth.

Kareem G.


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