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From An Average American Woman

Like giving birth and Life on my children’s birthday’s, TODAY, in signing My TVP® Contract, I have COMMITTED to growing the TVP® in my state, across the Country, and around the World!

I have been a NeoThink® Society member for nearly 3 years. These 3 years have been the MOST eye opening of my Life! I made a most AMAZING discovery…ME <3
ANYONE can make this discovery for self. Mark Hamilton has given the blueprint in his multi-generational manuscripts.

I think most would consider me an average American woman. I am a divorced Mother of 4, raising my two youngest on my own. I am 47 years old, and also expecting my first grandchild this summer.

My oldest daughter and I recently attended the New Jersey Twelve Visions Party® Convention. I took the position of observer during this 8-hour event. I paid very close attention to ALL. In looking around I was trying to find some differences between those of us who were NT®/TVP® and those who weren’t. I am GLAD to report that I saw NO noticeable differences. I find this an important distinction to make as some try to claim that we members are different. We are no different than YOUR average Joe on the street  I could find no differences as I stated, but during the last break of the day, my daughter said to me, “Mom, these people carry themselves differently they have a confidence without being cocky and when they introduce themselves they offer a hug rather than a hand.” She is absolutely right! That confidence IS a “Genuine Love” that we members feel for each other. It doesn’t matter where we are from or what color we are or anything else. We are from all over the World! We are all connected! In this connection we are a powerful energy of the highest vibration of Love. We offer YOU a spark of this energy if YOU would care to join us. I am GRATEFUL for Mark Hamilton, his multigenerational manuscripts, the Neothink® Society, and the Twelve Visions Party®. I am Honored and Privileged to be a part of them ALL!
In the GREATEST Expression of Love
Deb Hemenway


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