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Mark Hamilton & Michael Dilworth
Coming to this point in my life, I find myself believing in bigger & bigger dreams. Dreams that were once only wishes with doubt they would ever materialize.
Now, with taking full responsibility for everything that comes into my life, while using fully integrated honesty, life is great. Yet, only one thing holds back the full realization of my most grand dreams – Government. How can I grow my worldwide corporation to create value that will help others in a timely expedited manner? How can I do this with Government putting all these taxes & fees on my business and me? Why am I forced to pay all this for programs I do not support?
The force, coercion, fraud, & initiatory force used on me, a United States Citizen, is not right. Why can Individuals be elected by their fellow Citizens & then separate themselves with total disregard in protecting the total base of Individual Citizens they represent?
My dreams materializing will depend on a Government that is about the business of protecting its Individual Citizens without force, fraud, or initiatory force. A Government that is willing to realize its past errors and work on turning this country around. A Government heading in the right direction so Individuals can pursue life, liberty, & most importantly, the pursuit of happiness.
I want my dreams to materialize!
I want a Government to respect my Individual wants & desires!
I am willing to facilitate the moves necessary to bring about a Government that is about the business of protecting Individual rights, property, & contract!
I am for the Twelve Visions Party® (TVP) & ALL it stands for!
I will do my part to usher in the TVP in every state, this country, & eventually the world!!!
I hereby apply for the position of the Southeast Regional Chairperson. I am currently acting as the TVP of Tennessee Chairperson.
Tim Lambright, M.A., TFT-Alg


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