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I have been reading your books and literature for almost five years and before that my life was a living hell. I had a massive stroke that took most of my knowledge away and have spent 13 years trying to regain it . Five months later i had five heart attacks in two days and had three stints put in my chest. After that it was one thing after another with a floating bladder and numerous kidney infections, that i did not have but were caused from the fall that caused my stroke. Finally 4 1/2 years later they found the floating bladder when i told them what to look for. After that it was surgery and the doctor tacked my bladder to my tail bone and from then on it really was pure hell and did not believe it could get any worse but five years later i had cancer and got four times the normal dosage of Chemo that they had never given to another human and from then on it really was hell for i am penned to my home not able to travel or shop and it is one thing after another because all of my digestive system was destroyed and i have not been able to get it to working again no matter how many vitamins i take. About the time i got cancer I got my first book from Neothink and my life changed from that time. My mail was flooded with brochures from Research doctors and hospitals and i was able to make a little progress. I am still penned to this house and cannot go visiting or traveling because of things i cannot mention here but i am finally getting a toe hold and believe that within another year things will be better and i will owe it to Mark Hamilton, Frank Wallace and Eric Savage and their books showing that people were working hard to improve our United States and make it a better and happier place to live without having to pay out half our money in taxes and Insurance. I hope with all my heart that you succeed with your mission Mark Hamilton and there will be millions of people all over the world blessing you for what you and your family have done for us all. I will keep your books forever for they give you reason to hope when things are getting worse every year. I do hope you and your family and coworkers succeed within the next few years so we can live joyful and happy lives instead of always worrying about money, Internal Revenue and our world getting blasted from under us. You have my blessings and i hope with all my heart and soul that you win this battle that you have been fighting for so long.


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