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I probably wouldn’t be alive today if not for Neothink. Before I was introduced to the Neothink concepts and Mark Hamilton I was deathly miserable. Back in those days I didn’t care if I lived or died. Death threats didn’t bother me all that much and sometimes I thanked the issuer of the threat and mentioned how much better off I’d be after it was carried out. I was never really suicidal but I never went out of my way to avoid death.
After reading Neothink stuff, I wanted to live. I want to live a long healthy happy life. That’s what the Neothink concepts and Mark Hamilton’s writings are really about. Long happy healthy life and pure love. The love I feel extends beyond just my life. It extends to my friends. Their lives mean so much to me. I can’t communicate how precious their lives are to me I love them so much. And I love Mark Hamilton for sharing his knowledge with me that allowed me to see how beautiful life can be and how irreplaceable and special human life is. His books illustrate love clearer than anything I have ever known.
A. Gipson


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