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Dear Mark Hamilton,
I want to personally think you for inviting me into the Neothink Society. When I received your invitation I was already on a personal journey and mission of fulfilling my true essence. My best friend and I had broken away from society and left our homes and jobs because we knew there was a better way to live life. We left a life of lies, negative relationships and lost hopes and desires. We had basically had enough of the lies and financial draining from those that we thought were our loved ones for whom we had lived our whole lives with including some family members and relationships. My friend and I had come from different families but our situation was the same and upon joining forces gave us the strength and wherewithal to break away.
I had always been a lost soul looking for my way but it slowly occurred to me that I was always living my life for the benefit of others who took advantage of my ignorance. This realization occurred only after I had left because I was so much blinded by the false life that I was in that I could not see clearly. Upon reading the multigenerational manuscripts my mind started to clear of all the false data that I was operating under. At times all of a sudden thoughts and ideas would became so crystal clear and it made me feel happy and more secure in my understanding of life. It’s takes a little while for your mind to process the information and clean out the false data but it is an on going process and each time you understand life a little more and your awareness comes up as well. Happiness fills your soul because you’re finally breaking free to be who you were meant to be.
I feel like my life has been blessed for having an association with the Neothink Society. At last I am with an honest group of people who want so badly to live life to its fullest. We are very much so fortunate to have the guidance of Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. A new world is right in front of us. Let’s all just grab a hold of it and don’t look back. The TVP is beyond reform. It is the beginning of the Twelve Visions World. Let’s all be proud to be the first humans on earth to shatter the past and break free from all of the political lies and blast our selves into this new and exciting era for the rest of mankind.
Best Regards, William L.


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