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To whom it may concern:
The Neothink Society is dedicated to exposing the Neo Cheaters of the world who have suppressed free thinking across the planet for centuries. Attempts to discredit the Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton will be viewed as nothing more than Neo Cheating from “The System”. Many forces are at work and significant momentum has already begun to expose the Neo Cheaters. Clear thinking is a must for our society and humanity.
Initially, I purchased original manuscript for entering the Neothink society in the late Nineties. I have watched and waited to see the progression which is currently underway. A critical mass has formed and no amount of deception will stop the movement.
Members of the MSM have already been defrocked in many ways. Mark Hamilton’s continued efforts to open the eyes of so many will not go in vain. My life has not been so much changed by the writings of Neothink as much as it has been validated to know that I am not alone.
The movie “The Matrix” and it’s popularity, are a testament to the rumblings occurring in the culture. The system has been designed to “enslave” all humans and to use them as an energy source.
That system is breaking down due to it’s basis on greed and power lust. As this order crumbles, a new system will rise from the ashes. Since there in no “New Frontier” to colonize, it will happen here and now.
Much support exists for this Mark Hamilton’s movement and all attempts to thwart it will fail.
Keep up the good fight Mark Hamilton and all members of the Neothink Society. This is the Clash of the Titans. May TRUTH PREVAIL!!!
Jim J
P.S. Since the PTB (powers that be) seem to like to use their power to suppress, let it be known that incarceration, monetary punishment, and/or any other devices used by the government will not stop what is already in motion. The the Twelve Visions Party will usurp the career politicians futures and the paradigm shift will continue.


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