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Hi, my name is Ralph Menchaca. I belong to the Neothink Society, and also belong to Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party. A Visionary, member.
I have read Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature, and I can state that the Literature/Writing’s, create for the reader a limitless amount of Values, and Advantages, that one can use for Personal, as well as for Business, Solutions/advantages/techniques/value/money creations and self-fulfillment. Through the Heirloom’s Prime-Literature, a person generates the power, and wealth, that one may live the life he/she is meant to live, and become the person he/she is meant to be.
The founder of the Twelve Visions Party, Mark Hamilton, invites you, me, members and non-members, the media, and anyone, and everyone of all walks of life, to Join-in the Twelve Visions Party, and see for yourself what is offered, and take advantage, for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity. To make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
As a participating member of the Neothink Society, I acknowledge Mark Hamilton, as a great Value Creator, and contributor of that Value, to the America, and society that we live in today!
There is no illusion here. I suggest that you contact one of the Neothink, clubhouses, for leadership, and to Discover that Something More to life. A new Future awaits you, Join the Twelve Visions Party!
and make everyone RICH, INCLUDING THE POOR!
Ralph Menchaca


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