More TVP

Hello America,
I have been with Neothink for around nine years now. I owe a lot to Neothink as I am a different person now. I see reality and I can recognize the lies and non sequiturs that are being used to confuse us all. Before Neothink I didn’t see or recognize any of that so I just followed along as we are all supposed to do.
I am my own person and love not having to follow anyone any longer. I follow only my own mind. This Neothink has brought me out of the typical “work rut.” Neothink is for us all and wants to help us all get away from what we all seeing happening to this great country. I dont like the direction this country is going to, so I am fully behind Neo-Think and the TVP. There is absolutely nothing dishonest about Neothink or TVP. We are all here to help.
No smoke and mirrors, no lies, no non sequiturs. Just the plain and whole truth. Neo-Think members are the most loving and honest people you will ever meet. So please keep your minds open when you see the TVP coming and please get some info so you can learn what we are all about. I hope you will join us! You are all welcomed!


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