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Mark Hamilton is a very intelligent man who cares about people, the American people and all people. He is in the medical science field and has been trying to cure disease, cancer, ageing and whatever destroys the human body. He has spent his life on this work, does this sound like a bad man. When Mr. Hamilton gets on the brink for a cure the government shuts him down. The government is are true enemy, they lie to us all the time to save there easy life styles, for example they will say that 80% of the American people are for or against something when there wasn’t even a pole, I was never poled were you. They tax us until there is nothing leftism sure you can understand that. They write the laws to their own favored and we Americans must pay for their lavish lifestyles. Mark Hamilton is a very honest and wonderful man, he truly does look out for our best interest. Mark Hamilton just may be our only hope of getting our country back, DON’T SCREW IT UP. Don’t trust the government. Look around you, what has the government done but make our lives more miserable, by steeling every dollar out of our pockets they canters nothing left. We need something different besides republicans and democrats which are only careered politicians. It is time for a party who truly cares about the American people and not their own pocket. I’m talking about the NEOTHINK SOCIETY THE TWELVE VISION PARTY TVP. If you’re looking for a savior, Look at Mark Hamilton, if you’re looking for the devil it’s your own government. We must take our country back and let Mark Hamilton lead the way. I am a proud American and we all must stand together and take it back. This is our country not those lying steeling crooked politicians. Don’t trust the government and there lies.
The sooner we stop acting and being treated like troglodytes (cavemen) the sooner we will gain our own just freedoms, to make up our own minds to our own decisions to produce our own values without burdens enforced on us by our governments.
Beef cows in the pastures are quite content to graze, not knowing that they are being fattened up for the slaughter. Over half the world is in this mindset not realizing that they are only cannon fodder. As far as the governments are concerned they are disposable. These are the people that need to wake up to this reality.
Mark Hamilton has done this very well in educating as many fortunate people as he can in an honest way. Mark Hamilton explains this very well in his twelve visions, which the
Twelve Visions Party platform is based on. A truly remarkable piece of literature, and the only viable way for us to achieve our freedom from a useless and most of all destructive authority figure known as government.
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