More TVP

Mark Hamilton Saved my life in 2005 by inviting me to join the Neothink Society. I would die for the information that he and others are trying to bring to a suppressed population, that would foolishly die for the political movement that deceives us every day. As a veteran, I am ashamed that I would have laid my life down to protect the Ruling class that existed then, and now. I welcome the opportunity to walk into the bullet from a bureaucratic gun for the sake of honesty, objectiveness, and rational thoughts, also laissez faire capitalism that only the TVP party can bring about. I am almost dead because of the current government robbing me of food, money, love, and prosperity in this so called free country. I stand and am willing to die for Mark Hamilton, Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, etc for what they, and now I stand for. Sincerely William R Novak Jr.


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