More TVP

Mark Hamilton, (to acknowledge the Neothink/Mastermind of us),
Here is what I have come up with thus far: (It may rewrite itself again…It has already had a number of edits)…I doubt it, though. It feels right:
“This is an “in house” story of a journey I went through during the early days of the Haiti earthquake, a process that shook my foundations and opened me up to those deep motivational layers we all have inside, that of survival and the will to live. There is something powerfully archetypal here, that which has always stirred us up and motivated us over the centuries. Bear with me, for this is not about Haiti or any relief plea, this is all about us, and life and death and love and how to triumph over that which would enslave us! Haiti is the trigger, the springboard to bringing about a laser focus onto our Country and us! This journey made itself, step by step, and took me where it did. If you will, I ask that you open your mind and heart and allow yourself to be carried to that laser point it is headed at! This is the least we can do, if we are asking it of Others “out there” who comprehend so much less than we do…You will also see why the term “in house” was used, meaning “just for us”:
Love, Elaine


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