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Dear Mark,
Thank you for all that you and NEOTHINK have done. Any person who feels that they have been lied to in life(and we have been) should read NEOTHINK. Any person who feels that there is more to life than struggle (and there is) should read NEOTHINK. Any person with the ability to think for them-selves (or strives for that ability) should read NEOTHINK. Honesty and value production and the right to pursue them are the most important things we possess. The loss of these things and our voices of truth and honesty would leave us all in a far worse place. The people in this world who lie and steal and make their existence and livings off the backs of good value producing people will do anything by any means to stop ANY honest voice it hears. Our very liberties and our right to exist in freedom are quickly being taken away from ALL OF US. Embrace the honest people you encounter and denounce the dishonest cheaters who steal from everyone and drag us all down. Mark Hamilton, you are an HONEST voice in this world and despite what may be said about you and/OR NEOTHINK, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT FACT. We must all remember one thing. If any person is being attacked for no real good reason than they must be perceived as a threat, and if that threat is the truth and honesty than look at who is threatened by this and ask them why! I will ask why and so will millions of others.
Keep up you good work. You have dedicated your life to making the world a much better place. Please don’t stop. You have my support and I wish you well!
Edward Wright


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