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Mr. Mark Hamilton,
I was thinking of the downstream focus again. I, yes, was re-reading volume two, of the old NC number, and will follow my way to the site as stated by you. When I look at all the different things that interest me, I feel I am overwhelmed of which one to concentrate on first of the various ideas I have for success. I know everyone had been following me, which is part of the problem as others got in the way and were preventive which became very annoying to me. I am sure you realize this first hand. I re-read vision number one, and thought of writing a book and also thought of inventions, or building invention, then thought of a business (two in particular ) and then also thought of then painting and drawing. So, what is the prime basic common denominator of all those together? Illustrate my own book of inventions while describing the landscape of what happen in the past that prevented me from success in the past? Maybe? Do know I went to a lawyer today. I spoke to him in regards of the forged checks of my TCF account that seems to forever lingered, it should had been resolved by the banks firstly! While sitting there talking to him for about two hours, it eventually lead into the wrongful conviction case of time I did. Well, my case is really odd, a victim of circumstances like Vision one had explained. Circumstances were inevitable in the past as a result of the twisted consciousness of others, for the reason why I just don’t socialize much with anyone anymore. If I get a few of my issues solves, then I might mentally degree and feel there is finally some productivity in my life and feel happy for the first time since my Mom was alive. I spoke to the lawyer in regards to my Mom’s death as well. Her fourth husband, Rudy, was in the house and alleged he couldn’t hear a 38 caliber go off in his house while he was in the basement. He lied! He had a wife before my Mom that had dies the same way. I can’t seem to forget that day. I have testimony that the police department didn’t question. He tried starving my mom, Mr. Hamilton! Too, the case I was in the Department of Correction over? Compelling to say the lest, a victim of lies and a victim of circumstances. I was at someone’s house from 4pm to 8 am the next morning, I wasn’t even on the same side of town of the time of the alleged corner’s report which was at 10 or 11 PM at night. To there was lying on the sand by others and I knew it and while sitting there in the court room I couldn’t believe it I was just so angry. Well, the conversation between me and this lawyer lead into that eventually. He said he has someone that he knows that specializes in cases like this. I told him I want to talk to Terri and my Dad about it first, as it is a muti-million dollar case. Yet it is best explained only by myself, know one knows my life path back then except for me. A number of years back I did file an executive clemency, which was turned down as moot by George Ryan who was caught in selling drivers licenses. I filed a freedom of information act form to the police department to have my records released of any evidence and they didn’t as there wasn’t any evidence. They convicted me on a co horsed statement! So, I sat for 12 and a half years, and alls I did was go to the library or write and draw. So, I can’t get a job because of the prior conviction, it isn’t the conviction as much as it was lack of a work history. In there I was also an administrative clerk and I painted the place inside and out three times fixing all the crooked paint lines. In there was where all this began, me reaching out to be someone better and different and to have my voice heard in regards to many things. My mom always wanted me to write, so I wrote more letter and other things then anyone can imagine! Too, in there was where I developed the plans to protect America from terrorism, fact. All of that was forwarded to Donald Rumsfeld and the CIA and even Department of Homeland Security etc, all over 6 dollars on a two for one of a pack of smoke I had to pay someone for of so many envelopes and these nutty bars they sold in there. And, I’m a good man, yet not like what all these so and so’s think. I am very serious minded. I had been working with crumbs as far as money went and dealt with assault from a gang two different times, once I was hit with a rock on the Side of my face. These people never knew what I was involved in. Each and every day I only talk what I know if I hold a conversation. So, I mention things about protection of the USA and other countries, and renewable green energies, and etc the list is so long it is unfathomable to list. Well, I have to get some sleep. I been really pushing every neo-second I could, or nano second I meant. All of you have a nice day and a better tomorrow and sleep when you can for proper rest and keep up with the FNE like Mark said. It is retraining of the mind, it can and will work. POWER,WEALTH, HEALTH and success.
P.S. The books are correct, I am regaining my love with Terri at the perfect rate. Her and I have love and we are in love like the book said. I wish everyone peace and wellness and happiness in their life and try not to be downplaying on others that are not so fortunate, one of them might had been the one who protected America from a jail cell with a pen!


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