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I had received a package in the mail one day, it just sat there on the sidewalk waiting for me to open it. Upon opening it this book with my name was on the cover. In awe and excited I opened the book to read. Inside that book and the books to follow, the information listed was written unlike any other book I had read. I couldn’t pick up another book since then, as I really felt my entire life was based on other books that were not telling the entire story of life on Planet Earth. Before reading that book written by Mark Hamilton, I had a belief created by others that wasn’t entirely true as I now see. Simple because after reading the book, seeing through appearances is simple, and more simple each day. The book stated I would fall in love and would see things about myself that I needed to slightly change. That took place, not out of magic, yet because of the type of person that book deciphered I am. I found love, and I found my own flaws and began correcting my flaws which was of my personality. My new found love and soon to be wife Terri can see my attempt to be a better man by how I present my words or how I am in front of others in public. I choose to be a better man for her as well, that is what love is. In these books it is very interesting and feel more writings by Mr. Mark Hamilton must continue as this man is a genius. The books bound are filled with knowledge that is as accurate and sound as any book I had read, yet these books are not misleading they tell the truth in how the truth of a story is intended to be explained or written. I had searched for the correct knowledge life long, I’ll be 43 on August 27th at 11:55 PM, and that is a long time to be searching as I had been a searcher, it is interesting to me when one finds out pure knowledge or the correct application of processes. It mentions in the books a thing about dishonesties as well. I could author a book on that myself! I dealt with a postal system that stolen letters, and dealt with a bank that refused to acknowledge forgery of my TCF account, which is illegal for a bank to do. I dealt with others that had stolen things of significant value, things that can’t be replaced. I dealt with wrongful incarceration and never filed to compensate for the time I done in jail. I dealt with injuries a Medicare system wouldn’t give surgery on, and all of these things were before neothink society ever came to me. And when I had reflected back onto those poor in taste events of the dishonesties out there, it makes me just want to spit! And it is weird, really it is, as I am a guy that builds things, and invents things and writes all for self profit, yet I couldn’t get up financially because those dishonest person thought I was some weak minded fool . If you play their game, they end up really embarrassed and upset. They cause their own problems, which is why they always seem to manipulate an issue or won’t answer the issue fully or they end up finding a way to set it aside until another day. Well, here I sit without a business I wanted to create because of being on a check system of overdraft fees from TCF who, might I add, lied through their teeth to the attorney generals office, or then the problem may be deeper then that. If they would had taken the police report and arrested the individuals who stolen my checks my state ID and my debit card I wouldn’t of had the problems I had in the past, and would have a bank account at this time. *please note, anything I write has copyright ownership by Mr. Mark Hamilton, and any invention along with my fiancée Terri Ann Murdock. I am Patrick B. Rasmusson by the way, and would like some of these so called individuals that are dishonest in America, let them know and the honest persons as well, I had given my time to protect the US of A with my own plans that were forwarded to the GOV after 9/11. They, the dishonest really need to reconsider their circumstances! They are alive, they could of been blown up time and time again after 9/11. So I deserve some credit and merit, and which oddly it states to protect America in so many words from Terrorism on the first page of one of my heirloom packages. That was before I ever received a book from Mr. Mark Hamilton, a genius engineer by my opinion to build the sky walk, whom is a very honest and hard working man just as I. Anyone in America would appreciate his books. Anyone would. If someone is really looking for the best written faction story, I’d read Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. I am well read to a degree, and found the most interesting and compelling book to be just that, Miss Annabelle’s Secrets. In the story it mentions some of the dishonesties in the public, with he town’s mayors and those that hold power over others for abusive reasons. It is bad, no different then that guy who ran his aircraft into a building over IRS tax laws because of software design issues. Compelling as my testimonial is, I am widely different then any of my Neothink Society members or anyone else for that matter. I like everyone, I just don’t hang out because I am looking to be in a good mood not a bad one and at times persons aren’t right in what they say. It is a development flaw I believe of how the social sectors were raised in the different corners of the globe, which isn’t then an individual fault of each as much as it is a sign showing we really need to change our behaviors on Planet Earth. Some of the most honest human beings I had found just so happens to be adults with slight retardation and mental health issues at DHS in the town I live. They are happy and non-threatening and non-violent. They listen and are fun to talk to and are diligent workers with their disabilities. They are not unpredictable as most of the others allegedly normal persons in civilization, yet that isn’t entirely true, there are many out there that want a life and to be happy just like them living peacefully. I say what I do about the allegedly sane, the aforementioned, because a majority of the time it is how I ended up thinking of a mass part of normal human consciousness. If there wasn’t dishonesties out there, I wouldn’t be without a business and would had a financial revenue created. And before I ever read about the dishonesties mentioned in my books by NEOTHINK SOCIETY, I knew about those dishonest persons because I dealt with those persons. Wouldn’t it be better to try to want to make everyone happy where the economy works as well as the ability to smoothly operate like when Henry Ford developed the assembly line for Ford Motor Company? What would Earth look as if we actually invested our daily lives into building the land on earth with better building to house all that expensive tech equipment in every ones home or business? Do we have enough sand on Earth to make one city on Earth and all glass enclosure like a greenhouse, or a huge dome over the top of an entire city made of glass? What if we took our dreams to build what we always dreamed of as it would be fun as exciting? If I Amy on a side issue, premise liability of unnatural conditions is very real. And if someone has proof of a slip and fall case and was injured as a result of someone else’s property, that property owner if liable needs to compensate all fund requests! There are flaws in the law. I experienced then first hand. Yet, “THEY” didn’t at the time know I was involved in so much and turned me away from compensation because if I won the case then everyone that was hurt as a result of unnatural conditions of a sidewalks surface, snow and ice in this case shoveled onto a sidewalk from a street, would be compensated over their medical bills and the time off of work. I feel on a city sidewalk. The city attorney stated it was natural snow and ice conditions and he lives in this town and anyone who lives in this town knows the snow plows plow the snow and the ice on the sidewalks. Because that is what is called common knowledge of the public then the Mayor’s office or then city council should create a job by hiring those to remove the snow and the ice off of the sidewalk into another location so
pedestrians can walk on the sidewalks and not in the street during winter without the thought of falling. There was 20 case per half hour of slip and fall cases. All of which if each person filed a compensation small claims request, then maybe the city might do something that would prevent injuries on their own sidewalks by thinking at least. I had given them some invention ideas that could had saved others from slipping and falling yet they didn’t use them. My ideas would had created job growth and new design of sidewalks. Maybe one day they will wake up and decide they may wish to implement those designs for their own sake if they ever have to walk during a winter storm on a sidewalk. The books I read by Mr. Mark Hamilton have a classic example of what I had been through in my own life and can fully concur with the context of those books. If I would had gained ground in this town, and had strong footing, then all of those that alleged and stated all these very indecent things about me in the past would be out of luck and embarrassed. Plus they sure wouldn’t want a brilliant man a hard line thinker to make them look bad over their critically unruly and innate ways of life while hidden from their own agenda fears from the illusions and dishonesties they had created on their own. They are marked! They have to deal with their own consequences, and when they do they might be concerned about others lives for the firs time in their own life! I can let some things go, yet I can’t let everything go. And by the way, the US post office has criminals that had worked in there as I still never got my money order back that they stolen out of the mail box in front of Jewel Osco on Midland and Jefferson Street in Joliet, Illinois. When Neo-Think Society asked me to pay for that first Miss Annabelle’s Secrets book, I did so, four times. And found out the US postage office had crooks working in their stealing mail to get cash when the economy was down. They hadn’t compensated my refund request yet. Too they owe me money from Nicor gas money order as well. I couldn’t send a check as a result of the persons who stolen my checks and forged them, by name they are, Donnette S. Ogden, John Eigenher, Frank Emery, Kyle Smith who openly also admitted to the crime to me, and Charles Morgan. Those criminals had me wrongfully incarcerated because I had asked for my money back they stolen from me so I could by something. While they were smoking their crack in their garage they ganged up on me and phoned in a a false police report. The charges were ultimately dropped and the case was dismissed as they lied and the jury saw threw their little lies! They are also the reason why I have a second NC number and why the first set of books covers are torn from the type of company they kept in their house. Too, I am never again going to vote for another president the rest of my natural life, or anyone else for that matter unless they are Neothink members or then me. Why? I stated everyone I voted for got into office. A group of person picked up a rock and hit me as I was walking away. They didn’t know at the time I was up on the level either. My face bled and my radio was smashed and my phone stolen and my money taken. So when I am out in public and I don’t want to talk or I am trying to evade from being around certain people, then it is probably for good reason. If others settle down and decide they want to compensate my losses, then I will listen. I should had been rich already. I even put together a book with a design of a garbage can for sale for a kitchen. It was bound by Invent Help and a patient search was preformed on it. So I wanted to sell the idea to reinvest into something else so Terri and I can move forward in life happily with everyone else if they decide to be friendly and want to move and progress forward without any problematic issues. Too, Bank of America had the money to hire people to work on every last home loan modification there is. They should had modified our loan we filed for way back in January . BAC needs to modify our loan now!
Patrick B. Rasmusson


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