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My name is Royd D.Garcia. I was born on March 7th 1972 in the City of Newark in the State of New Jersey. I’ve been a member of the Neothink® Society since September of 2005.
Around the time I received my first “Multi Generation Manuscript” I had already been married 7 years and living in an apartment with my wife and our two year old son. Prior to receiving, what I consider to be priceless books authored by Mark Hamilton, my life had been spiraling downward into what seemed to me at the time to be a hopelessly dismal future. Often I would resort to drugs and alcohol to escape from my own reality in which of course did not make matters any better. Before I realized it, the damage had already been done. I slipped into a state of depression that if not for a dear friend who understood and helped me snap out of it and my strong love for my family, I would have taken myself out.
Upon reading the works of Mark Hamilton it became very clear to me why my life had gone the destructive, almost fatal direction that it did. As If the books were not enough, Mark Hamilton had committed himself to mentor me for a whole year, free of charge. I must take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for what this man did for me and a countless number of others. I believe that if it were not for him I would have slipped back into a dejected state.
My journey with Mark Hamilton has been a great success for me and for my family.
Today I’m happily married with two children, own a house, make my own decisions and hold my head up high. No longer do I wake up dreading the day before me. No longer do I have a desire to drink, smoke, or use any destructive stimulants to hide behind reality. I’m no longer the victim. The principles I have learned from reading the literature and effectively applied have improved my life immensely. Going forward I now accept one hundred percent responsibility for everything that happens to me in my life.
In 2007 I began to congregate with other members and it was during this period when a few of us decided to team up together and take it to the next level. With guidance and direction from our mentor Mark Hamilton, we formed a business. We would provide services such as monthly clubhouses, intro meetings and workshops. Today we are still in business and continue to grow our business to provide better clubhouse meetings, coordinate regional events, and build our State party.
My partners in the business along with the members who participate in our clubhouse are some of the most loving, trusting, people I have ever met. These people have become family to me. I can’t help but to get a little emotional at this point because these people are the ones who lift me up no matter how difficult the challenges that lie ahead may appear. Despite these challenges they manage to keep their spirits high and keep their focus moving forward. I can’t give enough emphasis to how grateful I am for these people.
I must be candid in stating that politics has never been of any interest to me. The journey I’m taking on now is not within my essence but I feel it is necessary to accomplish our goal of making the Twelve Visions World a reality. I have had the honor and privilege of working side by side with integrated, honest, and determined individuals who of which together are building the foundation and continue to build The Twelve Visions Party® of New Jersey.
What the Twelve Visions Party means to me is hope for our future, our children’s future and thereafter. After reading Mark Hamilton’s “Twelve Visions” that he so magnificently shared with us in his book, I realized that these visions are not fantasy and could very well be actualized. My goal is to become the best I could possibly be and to help make the Twelve Visions a reality.
The Neothink® Society is where I belong. It has shown me how to live a better life. I support Mark Hamilton and admire his tenacity and persistence in creating a better life for the good of himself and of all humanity.
I am very proud of our New Jersey Team and I look forward to the day that we as a Society can all live a prosperous, healthy, and happy life.
-Royd Garcia


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