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Life has been an interesting series of events for me. I grew up in a highly religious family and began as a very dedicated bible student at the young age of eight. Because of my personal, in-depth studies and knowledge of deep-rooted principals, I began to break through mysticism, and being reliant on external guidance in the year 2000 when I was only seventeen. I later left my place of residence in Central Oregon, USA to live in Loreto, Mexico on the Baja Peninsula for half a year when I was eighteen. Being immersed in that culture at a young age began a SUPER-EXPLOSION of new thoughts and new ideas and concepts that caught me by surprise. I began to transform into a different person. The problem was I didn’t know how to control, or use, my new-found feelings and thoughts in the proper way. Everyone I knew was a part of some false ideologies and because I didn’t share certain viewpoints anymore, my family and friends stopped coming around eventually. They just couldn’t understand. This is the point in my life when I felt truly alone!
I thought it was me…was I doing something wrong? So I decided, spontaneously (within 30 days), to leave and start over somewhere else. I traveled all the way across the country, landing in New York — broke, all by myself, and with only two bags of luggage! I LEFT EVERYTHING! My car, my family, my house, all of my furniture, and my cushy job at a law firm. But I was on a mission…to search out knowledge, to expand, and make a new beginning, a new life. I was excited and scared of what lay before me, so I devoted this next “chapter” of my life to self-discovery. I needed to start thinking about myself for a change. I was tired of being taken advantage of by being selfless.
When I did, my life began taking IMMEDIATE change and the Universe took immediate and drastic action! Through a series of events, I met a unique and important individual who took me under his wing, who personally mentored me and is still doing so today. I have been able to meet some very interesting people and life has become EXCITING again! I currently am a part of powerful associations, I am assisting in the creation of a “dream city” here locally, with a few multi-million dollar deals, I have WONDERFUL relationships, and people cannot stop coming around to give me more and more financial and networking opportunities. I HAVEN’T HAD TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING EITHER! I have also personally met a few prominent and successful individuals — including a retired golf pro, inventors with patents on projects everyone would recognize that has produced BILLIONS of dollars, film directors and producers many would recognize by name, prominent medical doctors who specializes in natural cures and treatments for illnesses, as well as others.
I don’t intend to quit now! There is no going back for me! And I intend to continue to help others help themselves first. I am only 26 and the above testimonial was actualized in only a year’s time. It approached so fast with change, it caught me by surprise. So, with great gratitude, THANK YOU for all you are doing and have done! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for this knowledge I’ve been searching for all of my life. Thank you again!
With Appreciation;
Adam H.


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