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I have been in the Neothink Society for about one year now and have learned so much. It is true that we are all taught the power of free thinking and how to utilize the mind in a new way that we all have the power to do. We are driven to find honesty in everything that we look at. In everyday life we can see things with honest eyes that most people, I believe, can but either choose to ignore or feel helpless in doing anything about it. We see things in the government that have gone terribly wrong since the founding of this great country over 230 years ago. We see things in our jobs that are not quite right. We see things in our failing education system that have been ignored by the same government who claims to be “for the people.” We see things in groups or organizations that all fight for their “rights,” while trampling over the rights of every other group or organization or individual whithout a second thought. We can see all of these things that are not quite right in our beautiful country but the most important thing that I do, is to try and see my own personal errors. This is the most important aspect of the teachings of Mark Hamilton and the Neo-Think Society, and for that, I feel a gratitude of an infinite scale.
My journey started about a year ago. I am just a working stiff, just like 99.99% of the rest of us. Even then I could see those aspects in life that I felt helpless in doing anything about. I felt trapped in my dead-end job and was losing my joy for life. I looked at my kids and had a deep sadness for them because if things are this tough for me how would things be for them? I looked at my wife and had a deep sorrow in knowing that my joy for us had long since faded. I kept on keeping on, though, because I have responsibilities to my family. I couldn’t very well start over in life so I was fast becoming complacent to the fact that this would be my life. I would work hard for my family and maybe one day a break might come my way. I might hit the lottery, after all. Deep down I could always feel there was something more for me. I tried alcohol and drugs in my younger years. I looked at many different religions and hundreds of self help books. I looked at political and philosophical groups for my answers but nothing seemed to work. All of these organizations have wonderful people in them and I did learn some things but none of them offered the answers I was looking for. Then, something wonderful happened. Mark Hamilton, (MH) found me and I found MH. I found the answers that I had looked for could not come from outside sources but from within me.
This is the key point that every group that I had looked at had been missing. The organizational structures of all of these groups out there are as such. They have all of the answers and to be a part of that group you would have to give up your own opinion to follow theirs. The problem here is that this really leaves no room for growth. These so called enlightened organizations had become stagnate themselves. Now it is up to them to go out and recruit people like me who was searching for answers to their fold. This is why it did not work. If a group claims to have all of the answers and expects me to give up my own interpretations then this group is not for me. I, thankfully, was taught from an early age to do my own research and to form my own opinions, but I can look around and see that a staggering amount of people who do not. I will use my wife in this example because she can actually see that this is the way she used to live her life. I cannot recall how many times I heard her say that we can’t do something. “Oh, we can’t afford that. We can’t do that. We can’t move. WE CAN’T, WE CAN’T, WE CAN’T!” I am steadily hearing a shift from her from, “We can’t!” to “How can we!” This signifies a major shift in her way of thinking. When we say “I can’t!” our minds shut down. We become complacent. We refuse to use our brains. We begin to die a little bit at a time. When we say, “How can we!” our minds turn on. We are using our minds to figure out a problem. We become free in our minds to find a way to get something accomplished. We begin to live a little bit more because we are creating a solution, just like we did when we were children before the “You can’t do that!” of the world got a hold of us. That, in a nutshell, is all MH and Neothink are about.
My wife and I were looking for answers in the wrong place. I think all of us fall into that trap to one extent or another. We all try to take the easy way out and look for answers by having someone tell us what they are and how to live. Neo-Think offers a new way to use the mind to find those answers and to be really free. I wish I could say that it is an easy thing to do but in reality it is really tough. Human beings do not want to look at our own faults or errors but that is where we do most of our learning, through our mistakes. I have learned to look with honest eyes at my errors and ways in which to change. I have learned that it is very dangerous for me to blindly except the answers that all of those so called “authorities” call truth. I applaud those who have truly found the answers for themselves but what works for them may not work for me. This is why I try not to push my beliefs onto anyone else. I have learned that what works for me may not work for anyone else. The important thing here is that I came to that decision. I made that decision based on my own beliefs and research not because someone else told me what to believe. I have also learned that where I am at now does not necessarily mean that I will be in the same place even a month from now. This is the real beauty of Neo-Think. It is ever evolving, never stagnate. When we get down to the core of things there is really just how we, as individuals, can make up our own minds with the understanding that we can change our views when we learn more about anything. Neothink does not presume to know everything nor does it push it’s ideals onto anyone. What it really is all about is to point individuals in an honest way to become a better person by utilizing your own thoughts to find your own answers in whatever you are searching for and for that I am honestly grateful and free.
I wish I could say that I’m a millionaire and have found the easy life. I wish I could say that I have found the job of my dreams and that everything I touch turns to gold. I am not going to fluff this up in any way though. I will say that what I have learned so far will get me there but for now I can honestly say my life has changed for the better. My dead-end job is a means to the end, so to say. It takes care of my bills and will allow me to really search for what will make me happy. When I think about my job on those terms (a stepping stone) it really takes the pressure off and I can be more productive. I now see my children’s futures for what they really are as well. Using the power of Neothink (they can pick up on it quite easily) they will be able to create anything they truly desire. They will not get caught up in the same rut that all of us have for 4-5 generations. My wife and I have found that hidden passion that laid dormant again. It is truly amazing how by living an honest life (honesty in yourself) can and will affect everyone around you. Especially those that are closest to you. We actually feel like teenagers again when it comes to that feeling of love. That applies to my kids as well. The love that our family now shares reminds me of my personal feeling of paradise. We’ve created that right here on Earth! We are still struggling financially as are about 99% of Americans but with this new found power of creativity in our minds we know that are struggles will soon be over. We really are starting our lives over and look forward to tomorrow for that will bring a new day of opportunity for us. I just wish everyone in the world could feel how we feel right now. My family means everything and I’m so happy that we were able to find this way through the help of Neothink and MH. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!…
Yours truly,
Russ Williams


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