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Hello my name is Jason Paullin and I would like to take this time to express my deepest thanks for the treasures Mark Hamilton has enabled me to learn about. Through his books I have gained the much needed knowledge I was deprived. I would also like to mention how deeply my life has changed for the better. I now know who I was meant to be and that I was meant to provide endless values that can and will help humanity grow and prosper. This would have been almost impossible with out the teachings of Mr. Hamilton and his relentless pursuit to provide these priceless gifts at the lowest prices. The visions of the future now provide hope for a completely free society that finds ways to unleash waves of happiness and prosperity never before thought possible. With out this movement I am convinced humanities chances of survival are fading faster each day. With the TVP and its main goal of individual rights every person will gain a level of personal protection not only from criminals but also from those government officials who’s dishonest practices and out right laziness cripple every aspect of life and slows the rapid advancements needed to stay ahead of the dangers that threaten every person alive today. Once people learn the everlasting joy of integrated honesty even those who threaten our future can make the necessary life changes to become lasting value producers. I am pained by the those unwilling to stand against the few who have given themselves permission to decide what’s best for a world and its people. It is honesty that protects life and dishonesty that destroys it. I say why play follow the leader when you can learn to lead yourself. Mark Hamilton provides the tools needed to become that self leader and the confidence to say no to those who’s power over you is only there because they force it on all of us.


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