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To: Mark Hamilton,
Thanks to the Neothink Society I know about the illusions that have very subtle
affects and effects in my daily living in society and throughout the societies on whole across
the Globe.
I have decided to peer through all illusions get rid of all the “BULLSHIT” all floods of lies
deceptions that are coming at me through:…People, Business’s, Places, Things. Media, Politics,
Religions, etc and otherwise than the already mentioned.
I live to be of sound mind of the all in my essence on the planet. TVP Neothink Society flows through the ebbs of the universal cosmos the truth is what I seek unconditionally.
What is truth? Where is truth? Who is truth? Why is truth? How is truth? When is truth?
Truth is now! look within go straight to the heart find LOVE COMPASSION you and all the
talents GOD has bestow to you
Wake up to you!!!… in the all GOD CONSCIOUSNESS of the COSMOS to all that is now reading this evolve now.
I know by now most of you have herd about 2012. If you have or haven’t now is the time to
plug-in seek out TVP and the Neothink Society Mark Hamilton’s work.
The power I have, is in the know of how my powers work throughout all illusions. I hope you
understand my words in this writing Get Out Of The Illusion.
Thank You! Mark Hamilton I am awake!
Princess Gibson


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