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Over what is many years now, I have been anticipating the very events that are now unfolding & accelerating in the fashion that Mark & the Neothink Society promised & have thereby constructed. During those years there have been times when I understood that if I had nothing else, I at least had Neothink. This honestly seemed a small consolation at times, as I have spent since 1990-Jul’10 in isolation from my Neothink family, many of whom may be wondering how come they come to see so much of my name of late. Since the Prime Law was first introduced to me in ’90, I have been aware that without it, we teternal beings simply have little to exist for, while in contrast, we have all infinity to live for with it. We have life vs. death in the balance. As I look into my mirror, my children’s eyes, those of my loved one Dawn, and those of my parents, siblings & my family around, I know one only thing about my life. That is that everything about & in me leads to, and from, Neothink & the Global TVP. There is simply no way I can change my direction on this; it is who I am, whom I have become, thanks to the love & love-of-life flowing so endlessly from Mark & the NT manuscripts. All the material success in the world could not console me if I or NT/TVP were to fail, nor would all the wonderful things which some few fortunate people have experienced. Without the hope, & the lovable work I am transitioning to put my all into, for realizing the Civilization of the Universe we will be witnessing & instituting together, it appears that all honesty & hope would be lost. In that case we’d simply have to start again. This is a permanent life, this Neothinker’s experience. Thank You & love to our dear Mark & all of us. ~Whade Tufts, NS, Canada

Whade Tufts – Dartmouth, NS, Canada


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